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10 good Zara lingerie purchases to renew your wardrobe effectively

The world of lingerie is constantly reinventing itself. Apparently intended for indoor use, it takes up more and more space on the streets of the fashion capitals. The bralette, the bodysuit and even the panties already monopolize the street style.

This border has not been completely blurred, however. Many outfits, only visible in intimacy, shine with their sensuality. The lace thong, the silk bra or even the nightgown must be mentioned.

The search for comfort, evident in other sectors such as footwear (ballerinas and sneakers are gaining more and more followers), is also reflected in these lingerie proposals. Crisp lines, comfortable fabrics and flattering cuts are just some of the items requested.

Zara manages to bring them together with its new lingerie collection. We select 10 timeless essentials.

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    Lingerie dress

    This dress with a round neckline and thin straps hugs the silhouette naturally, in any season. Ideal under a dress or outfit (19.95 euros).

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    Red not only brings good luck in San Silvestre. Sensual and evocative, it is a great bet in outfits like this one, in which lace predominates (25.95 euros).

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    Maximum simplicity

    This set consisting of a panty made of silk-blend fabric and soft lace stands out for its natural elegance (22.95 euros, the bra).

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    This tSemi-transparent anga with matching embroidery detail is a great success due to its timeless character. The color is discreet and attractive at the same time (15.95 euros, the thong).

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    Embroidered top

    Why not include an embroidered top with transparencies in your wardrobe? You can wear it as underwear but also as a blouse, with a black cardigan and a pair of pleated pants (49.95 euros).

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    Of silk

    Another slip dress, with silk blend fabric, that shines for its simplicity and quality (59.95 euros).

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    Everything golden

    Gold is not only reserved for outerwear. Also show it off with this lingerie set that also shines for its comfort (17.95 euros, the panties).

  • 8 out of 10


    Simple, with straight and minimalist lines… this black set will be your best ally on a daily basis (29.95 euros, the bralette).

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    Of lace

    Discreet, comfortable and sexy, this body with a V-neckline and wide adjustable straps brings everything together (17.95 euros).

  • 10 out of 10


    A perfect last bet for those who opt for comfort: a wide panty made of wool (29.95 euros).