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10 leather garments worth investing in

Leather garments are trendy. Blazers, trench coats, pants, skirts and dresses made of this fabric were very fashionable last season and it seems that in 2023 they have made a strong comeback. We see them both on the catwalks and in the street style And the best thing is that there are thousands of options to choose from.

This timeless rock style fabric adds personality to the looks and a casual touch that, however, does not stray away from elegance and sophistication. He was the favorite of celebrities and style prescribers in the seventies and, without a doubt, it is becoming one of the most recurrent options today.

Fashion houses began to show interest in this fabric last year. Celine, gucci, Raf Simons and Alexander McQueen are some of the brands that chose to carefully include leather in their collection proposals.

And, as it could not be otherwise, this fabric has also crept into the styles offered by chain stores. fast fashion like Inditex. The blazer leather, for example, was a novelty that in a short time became quite a best seller.

Now we also see trench coats, jackets, shorts, skirts, dresses and all types of garments made of this fabric. All of them can be the perfect way to add a rock touch to the look and break away from convention.

Both for everyday use and for more formal events, leather is a must have that you can’t let go. Therefore, we leave you 10 leather garments that will be worth investing in and that you will not get tired of wearing this season.

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    A blazer or jacket

    This garment was a success in sales last year and this season the brands have decided to reintroduce it into their collections. You can use it both for everyday use and to add a rock touch to your looks more arranged.

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    A purse

    A good black leather bag is an essential basic that cannot be missing from our wardrobe. It goes with everything and there are thousands of different options to choose from.

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    A jacket

    In the same vein as the blazer, this jacket will elevate your looks and it will give them a different touch. The jacket is the leather garment par excellence so it never goes out of style.

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    some shorts

    The shorts and leather shorts are another star item. You can wear them with high boots and a sweater on a daily basis or with heels and a blouse for a more special occasion.

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    A skirt

    If you are more into skirts than shortsyou can also choose to choose a leather one.

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    Some pants

    Leather pants are a comfortable and different option with which to add elegance to your looks. They are a versatile garment that will be easy for you to combine.

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    A dress

    A leather dress can be your lifesaver for a dressed-up party or event. There are many brands that have opted to release their own versions of this garment. A different dress with which you will undoubtedly stand out.

  • 8 out of 10

    a trench coat

    A leather trench coat can complete your outfit and add personality to a look very basic. The trench coat will “dress” you more than any other garment.

  • 9 out of 10

    Some boots

    These shoes are a classic that you can’t miss. The craze for black ankle boots takes place every year, especially in the autumn/winter seasons.

  • 10 out of 10

    some high boots

    High boots were very successful last year and this year they seem to follow the same line. You can combine them with a skirt, a short dress or even with some shorts.