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10 pieces of clothing or accessories that you can exchange with your partner

Fashion has changed a lot in recent decades. The introduction of street style and more clothes comfy has completely changed the conception of men’s and women’s fashion, blurring the line between men’s and women’s clothing.

It is increasingly common to find celebrities wearing comfortable clothing such as sweatshirts or t-shirts oversizedas well as men’s shirts, but to which each one gives its personal touch, its own style.

In addition, gradually more and more brands have been incorporated into the creation of unisex modelsas Pull&Bear, H&M and Collusion have already done.

With these rising trends, exchanging clothes with your child is becoming easier and has many advantages. By sharing clothing or accessories, you will have at your disposal a much more complete wardrobe and without having to spend more than necessary.

Although it is often incredibly difficult to agree, since each person has a distinct style, buying interchangeable clothing is a option that multiplies the styling possibilities for both.

For this reason, at MagasIN, we select 10 pieces of clothing or accessories that you can perfectly exchange with your partner.

9. Necklaces and bracelets

Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Limited Edition Silver Plated Unisex Multistrand Necklace


Jewelry too can be genderless and that is something demonstrated, for example, by the Reclaimed Vintage brand, whose collection is almost entirely unisex. Chains, pendants, earrings… Everything can be shared as a couple!

The necklace in the image is from the Reclaimed Vintage brand and is available at ASOS for 41.95 euros.

10. And if you’re lucky… sneakers

Couple with the same model of sneakers (Jordan I)



It’s almost impossible, but what if you have the same shoe size as your partner? That would be incredible, because you could share sneakers and buy all your favorite models. However, if it is not possible, you can always go together, one of the new fashions of recent years.

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