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10 things to see and do in Asturias in August

Asturias It is synonymous with mountains and nature, but also with traditional gastronomy, cider, folklore and, especially in the summer, also with festivals. A community that has it all and where this August you can find a multitude of plans to enjoy.

From the long-awaited International Descent of the Sella to a water carnival as particular as the Nalón Folkloric Descent, passing through one of the most spectacular hiking routes such as the traditional Ruta del Cares, an essential swim in one of the best beaches in Spain such as Gulpiyuri or the long-awaited Xiringülu festival.

So, after proposing the best plans to enjoy Madrid in August, we have gone straight to the North to try to select those ten plans with the best things to see and do in Asturias during this summer month and whether you are visiting it for the first time. time, as if you never tire of repeating things in the North. These are the ten plans that await you this month of August and that you should not miss.

10 things to see and do in Asturias in August:

Descent of the Sella

International Descent of the Sella.

He Descent of the Sella in a canoe It is among one of the star sports and adventure activities in Asturias. But in August you will not only be able to enjoy it by going down the river alone, in a group or even with your pet, but on August 6 you will be able to watch the authentic International Descent of the Sella Desembalaje Arriondas, a sporting event that every year brings together athletes from all corners of the world and that mixes party and sport.

It is one of the most important sporting events in the world, which is combined with that unique festive and playful side that makes it different from the others.

Enjoy the day in Gijón

People dressed in traditional Asturian costumes for Asturias Day.

Each first Sunday in August Asturias Day fills the streets of the city of Gijón with folk music and dances, especially the part of the Wall Walk. All through a festival that has been declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest. In it you can enjoy several bagpipe bands that perform around the city, all while the citizens themselves participate in popular dances in different squares.

All of this finished off with a final parade of Asturian folk groups and invited national groups. A very Asturian party that you should not miss either.

The Beach of Silence

The Beach of Silence It is one of the most special beaches in the northern part of Spain and one of the essential visits for lovers of wild beaches, which is why the good temperatures in the month of August are the perfect excuse to come and see it. There you will not find lifeguards, beach bars, or showers, but what you will find is a unique and impressive landscape marked by imposing rock formations, emerald green waters and in this case, stones that replace the sand.

A landscape capable of leaving speechless anyone who comes to contemplate it from up close or from its impressive viewpoint, which you will find at the top of the cliff.

The Xiringuelu festival

In this list of summer plans, one of the most important dates in the Asturian calendar could not be missing: Xiringuelu. A massive party that every first sunday in august manages to bring together thousands of young people in charge of giving the atmosphere to one of the most important summer parties in Asturias.

It is a traditional festival of the Villa de Pravia which is celebrated in the Prao de Salceu and which is distinguished from the rest of the festivals in Asturias by the construction of small booths installed throughout that Prao located on the banks of the Nalón. Each booth belongs to a club and visitors have booths where they can buy cider to join the party. There is also no shortage of traditional music and regional dances.

summer carnival

In August one of the most special carnivals in Asturias also awaits you: the Luanco carnival. The night of August 14 It will be the big day of this carnival, in which there will be no shortage of parades through the streets of the town, nor costumes. One of the most anticipated and picturesque celebrations in Asturias that you should not forget to put on your agenda either.

Gulpiyuri, the smallest beach in the world?

This August we also invite you to come to the eastern coast of Asturias and specifically to the council of Llaneswhere this unique beach known as the Gulpiyuri beach. One of the smallest beaches in the world, but also one of the most special. And this beach has been declared a Natural Monument and you will find it like a small oasis in the middle of nature.

The water seeps into it directly from the sea and through a small tunnel that the erosion of the water and the years have formed in the cliff. There you will not find rescue services or beach bars, but you will find a virgin beach in the mountains and surrounded by nature.

Travel the Cares Route

Tour the simplest, most beautiful and famous hiking route in Picos de Europa It is also a great essential in Asturian lands. Through the famous Cares Route you will discover the impressive gorge that Asturias shares with León and walking between imposing limestone walls, crossing impossible bridges and enjoying the whims of a landscape marked by the passage of this wild river with turquoise waters.

This is a linear trail, which will take you 24 kilometers round trip and about 6 or 7 hours long from Caín to Poncebos. For those who are not used to walking these long distances, it is best to have a vehicle at the other end of the route or hire the services of a private taxi.

Gijón Cider Festival

If what you are looking for is a party to enjoy the atmosphere, gastronomy, culture and delicious Asturian cider, then we can’t think of a better plan than coming to the Gijón Cider Festival. The celebrations of this festival extend from August 22 to 28although you can enjoy the main events on the last weekend.

You can also enjoy tastings, cultural activities and samples of Asturian folklore. Although the strong point of the party comes with the Guinness Record for simultaneous pouring of cider which is fought every year on Poniente Beach.

Discover Oviedo

Oviedo is the capital of the Principality of Asturias and, therefore, another must-see. One of the cleanest cities in Spain where you will also find one of the best preserved historic centers and an incredible historical-religious complex.

A city also famous for its Princess of Asturias Awards that are held every year in the Campoamor Theater and where you can take the opportunity to go shopping, get lost in its streets, visit the Oviedo Cathedralenjoy its market weekends, its square, the best Asturian gastronomy or its beautiful San Francisco Park, among many other plans.

Nalón Folklore Descent

Nalón Folklore Descent.

What if we told you that an aquatic carnival also awaits you in Asturias? We are referring to the Nalón Folkloric Descent that is celebrated every August in Laviana Pola and for more than 50 years. Another of the great summer events that can be enjoyed in Asturias on the third Saturday in August and in which you can enjoy a unique water parade that is held in the Nalón River as it passes through the municipality of Laviana.

A very picturesque festival in which Costumed participants descend the river with different boats they made themselves and each one with a different theme. A Festival of Regional Tourist Interest in Asturias that is always a must.

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