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10 Tiktok accounts to know where to go out to eat with your friends

The universe foodie comes to TikTok. Among the videos that sweep the social network, the most striking restaurants stand out, with food at affordable prices and surprising plating.

Magazines and word of mouth Among friends, looking for where to go out to dinner is a thing of the past. Now, the digital age favors the hospitality industry. It seeks to attract attention through the visual.

A wine, a cocktail or even a snack, any excuse is good to go out to relax and enjoy a pleasant moment in the company of friends.

There are many times in which no one in a group can agree on where to go and that is when instagram either TikTok They stand as the perfect tools to discover it.

Furthermore, social networks have influencers as collaborators of restaurants when they post photos of food or place. A perfect excuse to meet up and publish not only the food but the establishment, the terrace, the bathrooms or the show during dinner.

The restaurant’s ‘ambassadors’

Without a doubt, food lovers and influencers are “the messengers of the future”, they are the ones who make these sites and their food go viral.



Barbygant is a content creator, located in Madrid, with more than 72 thousand followers on Instagram. Passionate about the plans in the capital, she decided to open an exclusive account for it. Now, she sweeps Tiktok with her plans to go out to eat in the city; where she has more than 102 thousand followers and almost 4 million likes.

@planesconbarbygant Run before it goes viral, WHAT A FANTASY 🌈🌈 #madrid #news ♬ borderline – sophi ❤️❤️❤️


Under the motto ‘eating as a way of life’, his Tiktok account has more than 58 thousand followers and 660 thousand likes. Through their videos, they show the restaurant’s starters, mains and desserts and their corresponding degree of satisfaction with each dish they try.

@madridavocados Dinner+DJ+show all in the same place 🤤 #planesmadrid #restaurantesmadrid #restaurant #disco ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay


madridabocados is a gastronomic blog with 727 followers and more than 3,000 likes on Tiktok, although its success is found on Instagram with 30 thousand followers.

@madridbocados 📍Nakama #sushi #gastro #gyozas #restaurantesmadrid #cocinajaponesa #nigiris #gastronomia #foodie #cocktails #japo #sushibar ♬ Jackie Chan – Mashup – Happy,Tiësto,Dzeko,Preme


With more than 7 thousand followers and 152 thousand likes on TikTok and 14 thousand followers on Instagram, this girl with origins in Beijing (China) gives her point of view on the gastronomic experiences of each Asian-tinged restaurant she visits.

@bocahambrienta Reply to @succubpavvli I finally visit Hattori Hanzo!! In general the food is delicious but it is true that it has not impressed me very much and in terms of quality-price, it’s okay #restaurantreview #probandocomida #madridrestaurantes #madridfoodie #madridfood #ramen #ramenjapones #ramenmadrid #fypシ #parati ♬ LovingCall – Official Sound Studio


185 thousand followers and one and a half million likes. The bill not only covers budget plans for dining out, it also includes visits to museums, exhibitions and concerts of the week.

@derutapormadrid Eat for +/- €15 in #Madrid #lowcost #learn #restaurant #food #restaurantmadrid #pizza #pasta #foryou #fy #for you #recommendations ♬ Me Porto Bonito – Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone


It follows the style of @derutapormadrid but includes offers to know where to go out to eat at the most affordable prices. It has more than 34 thousand followers and 320 thousand likes on Tiktok.

@timeoutmadrid The portion of #pizza biggest, cheapest and most famous #Madrid now in Lavapiés! 🍕😋 #timeoutmadrid #gastro #planesmadrid ♬ Cooking Food (15 sec) – Sharkbay

The capital is not the only place where you can go out to eat and the networks make it clear. Barcelona also leads the ranking as one of the destinations foodies for Tiktok and food lovers.



Influencer in Barcelona and Paris, he has almost 76 thousand followers on Tiktok and his publications amount to 2 million likes. Seeks to show a more vision chic of the most charming places in both cities.

@annastaste Raclette burger 🤯 #burger #raclette #bestburger #barcelonarestaurant #restaurantreview #bcn #annaenglish ♬ Roxanne – Instrumental – Califa Azul


He influencer It sweeps all networks, it has 71 thousand followers and almost 2 million likes on Tiktok. People even stop him on the street, he has become truly famous in the world. world of the foodies.

@topfoodbcn Have you been to sweet heaven 🍭? It’s called @Petit Pastis and it’s all delicious 🤤 #cookies #nutella #banoffee #snickers #cheesecake #fyp #dulce #sweet #parati #bcn ♬ Chocolate (Choco Choco) – DJ Party


The Andalusian capital is another of the most popular destinations. Tourism and food come together to penetrate the networks. Accounts with recommendations for where to eat in Seville are booming.


It has 25 thousand followers and more than 200 thousand likes on Tiktok, showing places not only with good food, but with an Andalusian charm where you can spend an afternoon of laughter and good music with friends.

@restaurantesconmigue Machiavelo📍Seville. A new concept that will surprise you. 8.75/10 #restaurant #seville #food #foodie #spectacle #gastronomy #chef #recipes ♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo


It has 16 thousand followers, although where it sweeps is in the ‘likes’ with almost 300 thousand on Tiktok. Their videos resonate with people because they are visual, with appetizing food and original plating.

@elcomilonas The traca kitchen in Seville, I think that dish was only €16. Do you like that point? 🔥🥩👌🏽 #elcomilonas #lacocinadeltraca #sevilla #triana #meat #veal ♬ El Avioncito – Giblack & K7 Estudio EU

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