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10 ways to combat body flaccidity

The elimination of body flaccidityexcess skin and cellulite currently appear as one of the most requested interventions in the main consultations. plastic surgery Spanish and also as one of the main concerns, especially during the summer months.

However, sagging is not something that appears in our body overnight. It is for this reason that it is important to know how to act after noticing the first symptoms and to do so effectively.

And, although there are currently a multitude of cosmetic procedures and technology indicated to eliminate sagging in a short time, practicing healthy habits and applying appropriate care to our skin They continue to be some of the best options to say goodbye permanently and prevent it.

This is precisely what we have based ourselves on to convey these ten tips with which you can combat body flaccidity once and for all.

What are the causes?

But before discovering the best ways to combat it, we want to talk to you about some of its main causes.

And normally this loss of elasticity and firmness in the skin it is caused by a decrease in two proteins responsible for providing that elasticity: elastin and collagen. Two proteins that decrease especially with age, this being one of the main reasons for the appearance of body flaccidity. But the reality is that there are also other factors that can cause it:

Hormonal changes. Menstruation, pregnancy, menopause… Women undergo numerous hormonal changes throughout their lives and when estrogen decreases, collagen fibers are destroyed much more easily.

Poor diet and lack of exercise. As we told you at the beginning, without physical activity and without a healthy diet it is much easier for sagging skin to appear and for our muscle mass to decrease.

Solar radiation. Did you know that the radicals from the sun’s rays are among one of the main causes of our dermis becoming much weaker and flaccid? The reason for this is that it causes the tissues to relax and therefore the skin to become much more flaccid.

How to combat sagging

10 ways to combat body sagging:

  1. Choose foods rich in protein. Include protein-rich foods in your diet such as low-fat meats, eggs, gelatin, milk or derivatives… They are key to guaranteeing a healthy diet without muscle loss. You just have to make sure you consume them in the appropriate amount for your needs and lifestyle.
  2. Antioxidant foods. Another key aspect of the diet will be found in antioxidant foods such as red fruits, citrus fruits (rich in Vitamin C and collagen), apples, cucumbers or orange vegetables such as carrots. Not only will they help you combat premature aging of the skin, but they will also manage to maintain its elasticity and firmness, becoming the main enemies of body sagging.
  3. Leave junk food aside. The so-called junk food is a bomb of calories, saturated fats, cholesterol… And all of this accompanied by inadequate nutritional value. These are the main reasons why, if what you want is to have firm, youthful skin and also avoid being overweight, you should avoid these types of foods from your diet.
  4. Increase water intake. Staying hydrated on the outside is important, but we must also do it on the inside and for this it is essential that we provide the necessary amount of water through our diet. This will improve the appearance of our skin and prevent it from losing its natural collagen. To this we must add that water helps improve circulation and prevents the classic swelling caused by fluid retention.
  5. Forget tobacco. Tobacco not only harms our lungs and blood circulation, but it is also one of the main accelerators of early tissue aging and therefore also of sagging.
  6. Hydrate your skin with moisturizing creams. The use of firming and moisturizing creams is a very good option to combat sagging. Its continuous application will help you achieve firm and much younger skin.
  7. Protect yourself from the sun. Excessive exposure to the sun’s rays or lack of sun protection can not only cause the appearance of spots and wrinkles on the skin, but can also cause the skin to become excessively dry and cause sagging. Ultraviolet radiation (UV-A) damages collagen and elastin fibers, which are mainly responsible for supporting the skin and giving it firmness.
  8. Exercise daily. In addition to ensuring a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise is key to fighting against the main signs of skin aging and, above all, to fight against sagging. In your training routines, do not forget to include strength, resistance or cardio exercises to guarantee a good routine.
  9. Avoid constant weight gains and losses. Maintaining a stable weight is another key to avoiding body flaccidity. And one of the main causes of its appearance is rapid weight loss. This weight loss usually causes the elastic fibers of the skin to break down and sagging or stretch marks to appear. One of the reasons why it is important that this weight loss or gain is stable and accompanied by healthy habits to avoid harming our skin.
  10. Make ice your great ally. Did you know that ice can also help you combat flaccidity? And, although it is not proven, ice therapy treatments have been used in recent years to firm the skin and make that sagging disappear, as well as to remodel the figure, burn localized fat and lose weight. To use it, we recommend that you wrap the ice in a cloth to avoid direct contact with the skin and perform gentle circular massages on it.

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