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14 ‘love’ songs that we should not have sung, not even on Valentine’s Day

Have you ever thought about the meaning of some songs that you thought were about love? We take advantage of Valentine’s Day to remember some songs that we should not have sung, from I will kill her from Loquillo, until Used To Love Her Guns N’Roses.

Fourteen songs that you have probably danced to or listened to more than once, but that transmit sexist messages about jealousy, control and toxic relationships.

1. Every Breath You Takeby Police

Police released the song Every Breath You TakeEvery Breath You Take, on his album Synchronicity (1983). What seemed like a cloying and loving melody, no further from the truth, hides something dark. Even Sting, its author, came to describe it as an “evil” song.

In an interview in Isle of NoisesSting explained that his intention was to write a romantic and enveloping song, but “then I realized that there was another side of my personality involved, one filled with control and jealousy“. His verses prove it: Every breath you take, every movement you make, every tie you break, every step you take, I will be watching you.

2. Blurred Linesby Robin Thicke, IT and Pharrell Williams

In the summer of 2013, Robin Thicke with Pharrell Williams and rapper TI released Blurred Lines, becoming one of the most successful songs of that year. However, the catchy melody was accompanied by phrases like: You are the hottest slut in this place, I had a bitch but she wasn’t as bad as you eitherGood girl! I know you want.

The video clip accompanied these somewhat sordid phrases with images that read: “Robin Thincke has a great…”. In the end, many followers expressed their criticism of the song and the singer on social networks.

3. give me back my girlby Man G

I’m sure you’ve heard give me back my girl, by Hombres G, more than once. It is part of those songs that still continue to be played continuously in every home or performed by every orchestra in the country.

The lyrics talk about a young man who is in love with a woman who pays no attention to him. Desperate, he asks the boy she is with to return it to him, literally, as if it were a purse.

4. Love the way you lieby Rihanna

The song Love the way you lie, released in 2010 by Rihanna and rapper Eminem, was a huge success and is still present today. However, some phrases are not entirely correct, since help normalize a toxic relationship: You just stand there, and listen to me cry. But it’s okay, because I love the way you lie either She hates me, and I love that.

5. Indecent Proposalby Romeo Santos

This is one of the most criticized songs by Romeo Santos that sparked a huge debate on social media. And the truth is that you only need to hear a phrase like: If I disrespect you and then I blame the alcohol. If I lift your skirt, would you give me the right to measure your wisdom? to realize that we are talking about a scene in which a man tries to take advantage of a girl and justifies it with alcohol.

6. I will kill herfrom Loquillo and the troglodytes

I will kill her, from Loquillo, describes an abuser in first person. His verses still generate debate today: May I never find her or I know I will kill her. Please, I just want to kill her at knifepoint by kissing her one more time.

7. Run For Your Lifeby The Beatles

Jealousy and control return Run For Your Life, Run for your life by The Beatles, a threatening and aggressive song. Its lyrics say: I would rather see you dead, girl, than with another man. Also, John Lennon, in the book Lennon Remembers (1971), by Jann Simon Wenner, founder of the magazine Rolling Stone, declared: “I have never liked this song“.

8. Four babiesby Maluma

Maluma filled the clubs with his song Four Babies in 2016. Its lyrics and video clip sparked discussions on social networks, even creating a petition on that had 92,108 signatures asking for the video to be removed.

The song speaks in the first person and promotes the objectification of women with stanzas like: I am in love with four babys. They always give me what I want. Chingan when I tell them. None turns me on but.

9. animalsby Maroon 5

The controversy was served when the band Maroon 5 released the song animals in 2014. To phrases like: Baby, tonight I’m hunting you, I chase you, I eat you aliveis joined by a video clip that shows the protagonist, Adam Levine, as a psychopathic butcher who becomes obsessed with a client.

Even the vice president at that time of the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RINN), Katherine Hull Fliflet, said in a statement that “The Maroon 5 video is a dangerous representation of a stalker’s fantasies. “No one should confuse the criminal act of harassment with romance.”

10. Used To Love Herby Guns N’Roses

I used to love her, but I had to kill her: ayes it starts Used To Love Her by Guns N’Roses, the sixth song on their album GN’ R Lies. That phrase is repeated about eight times during the 3-minute duration. The controversy that aroused led the band to declare that it was a joke. They even went so far as to say that the lyrics were not about any ex-girlfriend of the group’s members, but about Axl Rose’s dog, the vocalist.

eleven. The changeby Cali & El Dandee

The changeby Cali & El Dandee turns, without a doubt, women into an object of desire, submissive and slave. Just by listening to the beginning of the song, you can imagine what happens: I want a very pretty, quiet woman who doesn’t say anything to me. That when I leave at night and come back in the morning I don’t say anything.

12. Vegas, by Eminem

Eminem sparked a stir against his song vegas in 2014. He sang phrases like: Make me breakfast, bitch, that’s a prerequisite either bitch show me those teeny titties again. He literally raps about raping a girl.: I push her in the back, but I bet if I lick her, she’d chase me.

13. Children vs. girlsby Porta

All the institutes in Spain sang Children vs. Girls by Christian Jiménez Bundó, El Porta in 2006. Its lyrics are completely sexist with phrases like: Today’s girls are all sluts. Even the National Women’s Institute sent him a letter of protest.

“I wrote that song when I was 14 years old. And I don’t regret having written it. It was in a humorous way. I have a mother, I have a sister, I have friends and I have a partner. I tried to be funny and I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t. being,” he explained to this newspaper in 2017.

14. Lady of the Four Decades, by Ricardo Arjona

The song of Lady of the four decades by Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona talks about a 40-year-old woman who wants to be young again through verses like: Lady of four decades, allow me to discover what is behind those silver threads and that abdominal fat that aerobics cannot remove. This song was also covered by Bertín Osborne.

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