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Archivo Diario: 2022-10-03

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Payable IMI simulator in 2022

If you have a house or want to buy a house, use one of these IMI simulators to find out how much you will pay. Find out if you should ask for a property revaluation to lower the IMI. We explain, step by step, which

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How to get the land book online

The urban land register of a property can be obtained on the internet, free of charge and with the same validity and legal value as a booklet obtained in person, at a Finance Service (in this case at a cost). The building book is an

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Qualities to mention in a job interview

If characteristics such as emotional intelligence, integrity, the ability to solve complex problems, analytical skills, resilience or empathy are part of your profile, they should be highlighted in a job interview. For inspiration, here’s a list of 15 suggestions for qualities to mention. See which

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IMT Simulator 2022

An IMT simulator lets you know how much you will pay in taxes when buying a house. As a general rule, you need to enter the location, the type of property and the price of the property to know the amount of IMT to pay.

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7 Sites with paid online surveys

Taking paid online surveys is a way to earn extra money, as long as you use a reliable website and complete surveys frequently. As a general rule, it is necessary to register on the platforms and entrust them with a good deal of personal information

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10 communication skills

Communication skills are present in the way we listen, speak, share ideas, give and receive feedbackhow we face an audience, how we use body language, how we handle conflict, whether we are sympathetic and empathetic. These skills, which are part of the European format of