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Archivo Diario: 2022-10-04

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Differences Between Credit Card and Debit Card

There are big differences between credit card and debit card, despite physically being very similar cards. Credit card The credit card, as the name implies, is a bank card that allows you to make credit payments. When the holder makes a purchase, the banking institution

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How to know the history of a vehicle

If you’re thinking about buying a second-hand car, learn how to know the vehicle’s history to make an informed decision and avoid being scammed. car registration To discover the history of a vehicle, you must obtain the corresponding certificate from the vehicle registration. Go to

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Vehicle Tax Simulator (ISV) 2020

To calculate the Vehicle Tax (ISV) payable in 2020 when buying or importing a new or used car, you can use a vehicle tax simulator. Calculate vehicle tax payable in 2020 Simulating the amount of vehicle tax allows you to know the amount you will

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How to use a virtual card in PayPal?

It is possible to use a virtual card on PayPal to make purchases or transfers through this service. PayPal allows you to add a credit or debit card to your personal account, but the more cautious user can always choose to use a virtual card

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How much will I get from the IRS?

The Settlement Note (or Billing Note) is the document that aggregates all the information from your IRS and that, in the end, determines the amount of the tax refund (or settlement). Let us help you with this excel template that you will receive in 2022.