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Archivo Diario: 2022-11-07

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Why do I have my big hollow toenail? –

Our health professional responds There are several causes that could cause it, such as a previous blow, or fungal infection. The ideal is to attend an appointment with your treating doctor so that he can evaluate you and define if he sends you any treatment

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Itchy ear and throat –

Our health professional responds Itching or ears and throat are a typical symptom of upper respiratory tract, also known as or «common». The best thing for this is to stay hydrated, protect yourself from extreme climates, until the body with its defense system manages to

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What is the Luvit B tablet for –

Our health professional responds Luvit B, is a medicine that is used for the prevention and treatment of deficiency states of , B6 and B12 due to higher daily requirements, such as during growth and development, pregnancy and lactation; or induced by some drugs, this