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3 healthy yogurts that you will want to incorporate into your regular diet

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Yogurt is a probiotic food which, by its own definition, provides many positive effects for our health. A probiotic is a food that contains living organisms with the ability to modify the intestinal microbiota of the person who eats that food. In the case of yogurt, it is obtained from the fermentation of specific microorganisms in milk.

The inclusion of this nutrient in our diet can prevent inflammation in the intestine and also help improve evacuations, collaborating to achieve the balance of the intestinal flora and with it, the proper functioning of this organ that is so important for our body. But this is not the only benefit that yogurt provides, the rich source of calciumthe energy given by its proteins and the Omega 3are other positive aspects that this daily sustenance provides.

The Spanish Association of Yogurt and Dairy Dessert Manufacturers recommends daily consumption of natural yogurt due to its strong nutritional density, the limited dose of added sugars it contains, and its low level of fat. This association has also recently indicated that the intake of yogurt among children on their school menu is deficient.

However, you have to pay special attention when purchasing this food, as there are a large number of options, and not all of them are healthy. Nutrition specialists recommend protein, natural and those that do not contain added sugars.

1. Protein yogurt

On Mercadona shelves, You can find lemon-flavored protein yogurts. Furthermore, with a 0% fat, this yogurt is perfect for those who want to lose weight. ANDn The labeling indicates that it contains only 56 calories per 100 grams. And, furthermore, they are free of saturated fats and sugars added.

2. Natural yogurt

For less than one euro, in Día supermarkets You can find this variety that we can use in various ways, even as a sauce. In the yogurt chain, Día Láctea, we find this natural flavor that is close to the traditional one. “Mbetter quality, better texture, from our land and in packs of 8″, this is how they present it on their Instagram account.

3. Classic Greek yogurt

In Mercadona, We also found another different alternative such as Greek yogurt. With a different texture, the brand Farmer offers this healthy option, with natural flavor and without added sugars.

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