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4 designs from the Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collection that you can’t miss

The history of the House Louis Vuitton with the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is not recent. Exactly 10 years ago, they joined forces, talent and creativity to create a unique collection. Since then, their relationship has continued to strengthen.

In 2012, Yayoi Kusama chose one of the most timeless and magical objects in the world. House and he made it his own: hand-painted a Louis Vuitton trunk with its characteristic polka dotswhich, for Kusama, represent infinity.

It is an exact replica of those points drawn then by Kusama’s hand, one of the many aspects of the project that have challenged and advanced the savoir-faire of the House. Kusama has personally supervised each incarnation of the polka dots, as well as the many and varied objects in the collection, with pinpoint precision.

This 2022, their close relationship was once again reflected in a unique collection. We tell you more.

Yayoi Kusama, an established artist

“Consecrated as a priestess of a total, hypnotic and colorful art, the Japanese Yayoi Kusama is known throughout the world as an avant-garde artist and as one of the emblematic figures of the hippies. Faithful to his style over the years, he applies his motifs ad infinitumwhich invade the space in its entirety.

From her inauspicious beginnings in 1929 in Matsumoto, Japan, Kusama transformed the course of her life with magic and determination. By weaving the charm and power of her art as she ventured around the world from Tokyo to New York in the ’50s and ’60s, she rescued herself in the process.

Kusama is able to glimpse the infinite in her works and, after what seemed like a hiatus from the outside world when she returned to Japan in the 1970s, she became without a doubt the most prominent global artist of the 21st century and the most acclaimed living female artist” reminds us of the house.

The colaboration

With sincerity, iconoclasm and, above all, the mutual appreciation of craftsmanship and excellence above the ordinary as a common point, Louis Vuitton and Kusama developed a unique line.

“There is a notion of how infinity can be translated, how it can reach people and work in everyday life, how it affects people and how it transforms them. At the end of the day, it’s about clothes and accessories, and What is sought is a joyful participation when wearing them, something that is not foreign to Kusama’s art and that Louis Vuitton understands through craftsmanship“adds the House.

Covering both the feminine and masculine universe through the ready-to-wearbags, shoes, accessories, luggage, trunks and perfumes, these extensive and intricate collections will be presented in two stages: the first was already released on January 6, the second will be released on March 31.

At first launch it is divided into four lines: Infinity Dots, Metal Dots, Psychedelic Flowers and Painted Dots.

Painted Dots

LV X YK ONTHEGO MM bag (€2,990).

Louis Vuitton

“The reason for the Painted Dots is where this project has its roots. The dots are a direct translation of those drawn by Kusama’s hand ten years ago, through a complex technique of screen printing and relief printing on leather or the emblematic canvas. Monogram.

Kusama’s motifs have accompanied her on her travels for most of her life. She started painting dots when she was still a ten-year-old girl. Here, the proliferation appears in the ready-to-wearin leather goods, in accessories and in fragrances, from a colorful iteration of the points faithful to the original work of art to a gradation of black, silver, gray and white specifically for men.

Metal Dots

Capucines BB bag from the ‘Metal Dots’ line (€7,200).

Louis Vuitton

“The collection Metal Dots is a flash of infinity inspired by Kusama’s mirrored orbs. A motif known for his Narcissus Garden, exhibited (unofficially) at the 33rd edition of the Venice Biennale in 1966.

Here, silver orbs of varying sizes are hand-placed with exacting precision, embedded in black and silver leather items such as a Cannes bag or a soft Side Trunk, while appearing as an almost spatial gradient on elegant Capucines. “They are at their most ’60s futuristic’ when applied as a gradient to shearling garments, such as a silver biker jacket or leather minidress.”

Infinity Dots

LV X YK shawl from the ‘Infinity Dots’ line (€710).

Louis Vuitton

“The painted dot is transformed into the collection Infinity Dots of Kusama, possibly the best known.

As Kusama’s fame grew in the United States in the 1960s, she was dubbed the ‘Polka Dot Princess’. Although, in contrast, Kusama has referred to herself as an ‘obsessive artist’. The infinite point is the artist’s most obsessive motif, as it signifies a state of ‘self-annulment’. ‘My desire was to predict and measure the infinity of this limitless universe from my own position in it, with points.’ Kusama declares in her autobiography The infinite network.

Proliferating in Kusama’s signature palettes of black and white, red and white, yellow and black, plus black and red for men, the infinite dots merge with a multiplicity of icons of the House especially in leather goods, shoes and silhouettes”.

Psychedelic Flowers

Mini wrap skirt from the ‘Psychedelic Flower’ line (€1,850).

Louis Vuitton

“Another obsession of Kusama is her flowers. The fleeting beauty of the ephemeral contrasts with the sensation of the eternal and infinite, which becomes permanent through her work.

Using paint flower from 1993 (somewhat psychedelic), an exotic flower unfolds through the accessories and the ready-to-wear for men and women. In its most formal iteration, this distinctive floral is intricately jacquard-style on a tailored wool suit and as a fil coupe in cotton shirts for men. Even a more casual varsity jacket features exceptional flower embroidery.

Men’s leather goods, such as the Taurillon Monogram fanny pack, Sac Plat bag and Keepall, use elegant embossed printing on white leather to highlight the beauty and complexity of the grain. Meanwhile, the women’s Capucines bags have a more strident approach, as the motif is expanded to encompass the bags in their entirety, whether in black or red in Taurillon leather.”

Other collaborations

This collaboration is added to the list of those that the House has been doing for almost a century, when the grandson of the founder and esthete of the family, Gaston-Louis Vuitton, He began commissioning artists of the time the creation of window displays and works of art for the stores of the House.

Louis Vuitton has invited some of the biggest names in art and design to collaborate, such as Sol LeWitt, Richard Prince, Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons, among others.

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