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4 tricks to make your Halloween makeup last all night

Halloween is one of the special days of the year for those who like costume parties and going out with friends. And, let’s not fool ourselves, it’s a night that has a lot to offer. If you are one of those who is always looking for original costumes to be the center of attention, we are also sure that you are a person who knows well what it costs to keep your makeup on all night. Therefore, in this article, we want to show you some small tricks with which you will make your makeup last longer.

Makeup tricks for Halloween

As we have mentioned, we are going to see some tricks with which you will make your makeup last longer. But first we want to give you some small recommendations when choosing the right products.

Look for quality

It will be useless to apply all the tricks we know to make our makeup last longer if it is not of quality. We are not talking about buying the most expensive products on the market, but you do have to take into account the different brands there is and choose one that gives you quality. If you wear makeup daily, you will surely already have your brand. But, if this is not the case, a review of brand opinions on the Internet can be of great help.

Apply makeup correctly

Another detail to keep in mind is that you must apply the makeup correctly and that you must do it with the necessary tools. Thus, it is essential to start with the base and gradually apply makeup. from the largest areas to the smallest.

Always maintain good facial hygiene

Finally, keep in mind that facial hygiene is the most important thing. Cared for and nourished skin is always easier to put on makeup. Besides, The shades look much better and the product lasts longer.

How to make your Halloween makeup last longer?

There are several ways in which you can make your makeup last all night:

Aquacolor Face Paints

Aquacolor paints are preferred by those who are professionally dedicated to fantasy makeup, since they are the most resistant to friction. To give you an idea, these paintings are like watercolors. They are easy to apply and cover all areas well. In addition, they are applied with a damp sponge which makes our work much easier.

When applying them, you should do so generously, as this is what will allow them to last longer.

Talcum powder: the last step

When you have finished applying the makeup, don’t forget to apply some talcum powder to seal the makeup. Of course, you must do it very carefully so that The makeup does not shift or rub off in some areas. Therefore, it is best to apply them very little by little using a small dry sponge. Also, keep in mind that you should apply a small amount of them; On the contrary, you can be sure that the entire area where the appliqués are applied will look white and will put an end to this makeup that you have worked so hard to achieve.

Eyeshadows: more definition and longer lasting

Eye shadow is perfect for defining those areas that we want to highlight the most. Especially if we are going to use white or light tones. In addition, it will allow the makeup to stay in place for longer and They will give a much more professional touch to your makeup.

Pre-bases: essential

As we have mentioned before, applying makeup correctly is essential for it to last. Therefore, if you want your work of art to last a lifetime Halloween night, it is essential that you use a good base. In this way, you will make the other products stay more fixed, while the applied tones will stand out.

Remove makeup well when the night is over

Finally, we want to remind you of the need to remove your makeup thoroughly once you get home. Going to bed with makeup on is the worst thing you can do for your face and, above all, your eyes. With that, You will only get pimples and other imperfections, in addition to being able to contract an eye infection.

To remove makeup correctly, start by using a makeup remover wipe. Pass it gently, without scrubbing all over your face, until you see that the makeup has disappeared a lot and only small areas remain. You should do this step as many times as necessary until the wipe comes out practically clean.

Then, it’s time to wash your face well with the soap you usually use. First, lie down hot water to open the pores and you can get a deep cleaning. Then, massage the soap until it foams and, finally, remove it with plenty of warm water.

To finish this cleaning process, dry your face well and apply the moisturizing creams or serums that you use daily. If you do not use any of these products, you should do so after a makeup as complete as Halloween: this tends to be more aggressive than others, so the moisturizer will calm your skin.

Halloween makeup is one of the most aggressive that we can apply and not only are the products different, but We must apply them generously so that they last all night. Therefore, following the steps that we have indicated will help you make it last all night.

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