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5 beauty rituals to shine like never before on the night of San Juan

A night full of hope and good wishes, for some it is the most special holiday on the calendar. Midsummer’s Eve is the end of the longest day of the year and the gateway to a new summer.

When the sun sets, the San Juan bonfires are lit and magic sneaks into our traditions in the most curious ways you can imagine. You can jump over a bonfire next to the seashore, bathe naked when the clock strikes midnight or take the quieter route and burn a paper with your greatest wishes in the fire.

Tradition speaks of stars, fairies, magicians… It seems that feminine power is recharged tonight. Therefore, if you still don’t have a plan and even if you don’t create magical spells, we bring you 5 beauty rituals that will help you look brighter the remaining 364 days of the year.

1. Bathe your skin with rose water.
If what you want to achieve is a healthy and luminous complexion, this is one of the most widespread traditions. It consists of filling a bowl with water and several rose petals (of any kind), and letting it rest on your window sill throughout the night of San Juan. The next morning, the first thing you will have to do is soak your face with said water and let it air dry. Legend has it that your skin will be filled with vitality and strength after this bath, that is, fresh as a rose!

2. Clean your face with aromatic plants.
Galicia is responsible for popularizing another essential ritual for your skin. There, there is a custom among women to go out and collect aromatic plants (rosemary, thyme, basil…), during San Juan day. The technique is exactly the same as the previous one. The cleansing and therapeutic power of herbs will leave you with a velvety and clean face. The legend in Andalusia is even more curious, they make it with sea water and, legend has it, you cannot look in the mirror until the next day so as not to break the spell.

3. The dew on your hair.
The magic of San Juan is directly related to nature in this refreshing tradition. The early morning dew after the shortest night of the year is considered a source of power and positive energy for your hair. There are those who claim that moistening your hair with this physical phenomenon when you wake up on the 24th will fill each of your locks with beauty.

4. Comb your hair under a walnut tree.
Continuing with the care of your hair, this may seem the simplest. Gather your friends on the night of San Juan, find a walnut tree and comb your hair under the branches of this tree. Its magic will provide shine and strength to your hair in the face of this hot summer to prevent it from becoming healthy and hydrated.

5. Dress in white.
It is the color of the night of San Juan par excellence, since its star is represented in white. It is the peace, purity and calm that we all seek. Therefore, wearing some white clothing will channel good energies in our favor. Although each zodiac sign has its own color for good luck, white is common to all during this magical night.

And luck is all you need so that the time spent on all the previous rituals has been worth it and this summer you can look more beautiful and luckier than ever.

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