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5 essential accounts to follow on Instagram this 2023

Instagram is the great wall of online socialization Currently, that platform where you can share both your passions and your daily life with the world; but it also serves as that great wall of inspiration to turn to for pure entertainment.

Users, also called influencers When they accumulate those thousands or millions of followers on their profiles, they are true prescribers in terms of trends. The good thing about this app is that there are no limits on themes: fashion, personal motivation, decoration, gastronomy, travel…

For this 2023, magasIN offers you the 5 essential accounts those to follow on Instagram to inspire you in the most original way.


Gigi Vives is one of the main fashion influencers in Spain. In her profile, with careful colors and high-quality photos, she shares both her looks and the most current trending content in pop culture. Additionally, she works as a stylist for actress Begoña Vargas and has a podcast on Spotify about lifestyle.


72 kilos is the account of Bilbao cartoonist Óscar Alonso. With his simple drawings and his reflections on personal motivation he has managed to succeed among millions of followers on the Internet. His vignettes have even materialized in three graphic novels: The Things That Matter, A Book with You and Thank You.


Cocó Constans is an influencer from Barcelona with the perfect balance on her Instagram profile: motivation, fitness and food. His feed It is taken care of down to the last detail and is very useful if you are looking for inspiration to lead a healthy lifestyle. But her specialty is pilates, she offers routines from the living room of her home.


Paula Diez shares incredible trips on her Instagram profile. His feed It is full of bright colors. Sunsets, flowers, mountains and lots of sea are a sample of what this lover of nature and surfing, a sport that she has been practicing since she was 10, offers. Additionally, she works with brands such as Quicksilver or Levis.


Natalia Zubizarreta is an interior designer, decorator and owner of a comprehensive renovation, furnishing and interior decoration company. On her Instagram profile she shares a multitude of images and reels about inspiration for rooms, from living rooms, to bathrooms, to even the little ones’ rooms.

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