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5 natural remedies to stop hair loss that do work

Did you know that in Spain 90% of the population suffers from alopecia? The truth is that there is no seasonal change that is not accompanied by more obvious hair loss. And, although hair loss is usually common throughout the year, with seasonal changes it becomes even more evident.

Whether the change of season is the cause, or stress, genetic factors or hormonal changes associated with women have had to do with this hair loss, below we point out some Natural medicine that can help you reverse it.

How many hairs fall out per day

Hair is always in a continuous process of regeneration. Each hair lives between 2 and 6 years and goes through a series of phases, the hair life cycle, which are growth, stagnation and loss.

5. Beet juice

It is very healthy for hair health, since it contains carbohydrates, proteins, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins B and C. We boil some beet leaves, crush them and mix them with a little henna. Once we have a paste, it is applied all over the scalp, left to act for about 20 minutes and rinsed with plenty of water.

Hair loss is therefore a process that, to a greater or lesser extent, all people can suffer. In some cases, the fall is much more serious, so it will be necessary to go to a specialist to evaluate the situation.

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