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5 quick and easy hair dyes that you can apply at home

The choice of hair tone is a recurring beauty “problem”. Did you know? 41% of women who dye their hair do so to lighten their hair in lighter tones. The range of blonde It is the most demanded on the menu of any coloring product. 58.7% of Spanish women apply color in the hair salon, while 32.9% do it at home. Changing color can also reflect a significant change on an emotional level: approximately 2 in 10 women change the color of their hair when they end a relationship.

Although it is advisable to go to a professional salon to change your tone, you can also do it at home. The key? Take into account some key elements such as the texture, initial color and condition of your hair.

In any case, in the event of any color change, no matter how subtle, it is necessary to carry out a color test on a hidden strand: “The color test is very important. It prevents us from possible allergies and indicates the possible reaction of the hair to the coloring. This way you can check if it will be more or less easy to bleach and achieve the desired color, aspects that also depend on the porosity and elasticity. Leave it on for between 15 and 30 minutes and it will help us evaluate what level of lightening the hair can handle,” he says. Rafael Bueno from Rafael Bueno Peluqueros from Malaga.

If you are looking for an option that combines speed and effectiveness, discover our selection of homemade hair dyes.

5 easy, effective and quick hair dyes

Among the must-haves L’OREAL PARIS is found Casting Creme Gloss Ammonia-free Color Bath (€5.99). It is a creamy, chemical-free color that covers gray hair quickly and intensely. Its formula based on natural ingredients guarantees good coverage but also hydration. You just have to leave it on for 20 minutes.

Syoss Oleo Intense It is a permanent ammonia-free dye with salon-quality results. The concentrated care oils in the color enhance the penetration of color pigments into the hair for supreme, long-lasting color intensity.

The conditioner includes Fair Trade Argan Oil, known to leave hair soft, silky and full of shine (€3.94).

GARNIER Olia Bold Tint It is a permanent color with floral oils of natural origin, without ammonia, which in addition to having strong pigmentation, visibly improves the appearance of the skin. Ensures 100% gray coverage (€6.29).

Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Color Cream Permanent Dye It has highly effective color pigments, providing vivid, radiant and long-lasting color for up to 8 weeks.

Its more? Smoothes the surface of the hair and provides sensational shine. The dye gives incredible results and 100% gray coverage.

Llongueras Color Advance Dye It is a coloration formulated with the benefits of a mask: it is enriched with Ultra Conditioner Complex and Hyaluronic Acid and you can enjoy 7 benefits in just 1 product. It guarantees an intense and shiny color for up to 5 weeks thanks to its innovative formula enriched with a shine molecule.

In addition, it provides intensive nutrition thanks to the intensive treatment mask with natural oil, Shea butter and UVA/B filter. Includes the firm’s exclusive Instant Beauty Serum (€5.49).

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