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5 types of trendy highlights that will awaken your hair this spring

Illuminate, soften, frame… These are just some of the functions of hair highlights. Although each season the classics prevail, such as babylights or the Californian ones, cutting-edge trends emerge, thanks to the work and thanks of professional hairdressers and social networks.

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Some, especially daring, can be worn over any hair base. Your team’s secret? Professional advice and hydration so that your hair literally looks shiny. Discover which highlights promise to sweep this spring/summer.

soft balayage

The wicks balayage They are a classic that returns this spring. As the Le Clan experts explain to us, “they consist of sweeping the color from the roots to the ends, using bleaching with a brush and freehand. You can use air bleaching to achieve more subtle gradients or covered bleaching to lighten more tones. “.

“The result is very natural since, as they are blurred, you cannot see where the image begins and ends. wick. We are talking about a technique that creates light effects imitating the natural lightening of hair produced by the sun, the most classic way being one of the most used, applying where we want there to be more light. “It is an ideal system when we only want to lighten two or three tones,” he explains. Ismael De Felipe (Ismael De Felipe Peluqueros)specialist in balayage.

This season, it is especially worth taking into account a softer version: the soft balayage. “It is a more natural and subtle version of the classic technique balayage, in which the tones integrate much better with each other. We are not looking to create a strong contrast but rather to provide a lot of brightness. Therefore, it is a very versatile and flattering technique, since we can apply it to all types of hair. It provides luminosity to the hair and face, softening the features and helping to show a more rejuvenated appearance,” adds Mónica Duque, director of Salón Seensay in Santander.

Vivid chunky

The front strands that frame the face, straight and very defined where two tones are used to highlight the chiaroscuro of the hair, is another trend that is coming back strongly, as are the melting (something like melted), a kind of transition from a dark tone to a lighter one throughout the entire length of the hair in which they are subtly blended to achieve an unnoticeable gradient.

It is a difficult tone to detect due to its natural shape., very appropriate for all types of natural bases and for people who do not want a very radical change. It is preferable to do it with a brush since you are not looking for very powerful tones, but a more global lightening. The result is a reflection throughout the mane that is lost in said mane” says the director of David Künzle Fuencarral, Paul Tudor.

To go one step further, the vivid chunky are a great option: “for those looking for something more daring, this look combines the thick highlights that became popular in the 90’s with very energetic and daring colors, like copper or orange. This way we get fiery hair, with a lot of contrast and shine. We can also choose to focus attention on the front strands, which will obtain a very striking change in a very easy way. If we play with the textures and finishes of the hair, we can achieve very original results,” Mónica Duque tells us.

Brownie highlights

“This technique is ideal for illuminating dark hair, without taking away its characteristic strength. It consists of applying brown and gold highlights strategically throughout the hair, to give it dimension and body. In this way, we recreate the tones of the classic brownies and its different chocolate textures, to achieve a radiant and delicious finish.

To enhance the hair even more, we can use products with a glossy finish or perform a treatment of gloss“says Charo García, director of Ilitia Beauty & Science, in Vizcaya.


As Le Clan experts remind us, “the babylights They consist of lightening the hair in a very natural and subtle way, maintaining the color at all times. They are ideal for a natural blonde effect, through highlights delicate that provide luminosity to the hair and a touch of sweetness to the face”.


“For their part, Californians have the effect of natural hair degradation but more marked, being able to leave a more subtle or soft tone, or extreme at the tips. The biggest advantage is the little maintenance they require, since they can be touched up every four months. By not touching the root, the natural hair growth will not be perceived.

Even so, we must keep our hair very nourished with specific products such as conditioners or masks because bleached hair always tends to be drier, even with violet or bluish shampoos so that our wick does not tend to produce unwanted tones such as yellow or orange, but if this happens to us we can always reapply a color treatment between touch-ups to refresh the wick and that it always looks like the first day” as the experts clarify.

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