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5 workplace coffee shops in Madrid: get to work at the coffice

If we add the words coffee and office, in English, the result is office. The new cafes now become more or less improvised studios or places where anyone with a computer can work. And the world of work is transforming and the four walls of the home or office no longer limit us.

There are now more than a few people – employees and employers – who are joining in on working from home, a practice that allows you to organize yourself however you want and… wherever you want. As a consequence of the crisis, this new way of working has spread, especially among younger people, who are trying to find a place in the world of work as freelance.

Journalists, designers, photographers, social media promoters and many other professionals have been immersed in teleworking. That is why coffee shops have seen a need (and a benefit): to serve as a space to meet, work, study, and even have your long-awaited hot drink.

In Madrid, there are many cafes where you can have breakfast, lunch, snack and be extremely productive at the same time. Since we couldn’t mention them all here, this is our selection of sites that will become your new workplace.

Café del Art (Plaza de Cascorro, 9)

Our first recommendation of office It is located in the heart of Latin America. Launched by Sandra Almeida and Edgar Fonseca in 2019, it has become a true reference for its warmth but also for its exquisite coffee proposal. Their menu also includes infusions using the Japanese method and desserts as appetizing as carrot cake or cream cake.

They have, of course, Wifisockets where you can charge your computer, mobile phone or tablet, large tables to spread out paperwork, meet and work at your leisure.

Lolina Vintage Café (Holy Spirit, 9)

Despite increasingly important competition, this cafeteria has continued to be a benchmark in Malasaña. With impeccable decoration and reminiscent of the most creative 60s-70s – With a touch pin-up even-, this place is ideal to spend your work time outside the office or home while enjoying a tasty smoothie.

Federal Café (Plaza de las Comendadoras, 9)

Cozy and spacious, this iconic cafe in the Centro neighborhood will allow you to expand your mind for more optimal results. And not only because of its lighting and infinite tables.

It has a very varied menu that includes all types of pastries.from Croissants to Pancakesbut also salads, sandwiches and even snack delicacies as your essential Brioche with babaganoush, roasted cauliflower and pico de gallo with mango and cilantro. All for a very affordable price.

The Bicycle (Plaza de San Ildefonso, 9)

In the heart of Malasañero and with a faithful spirit to the neighborhood, La Bicicleta Cycling Café & Workplace is one of the most suitable places for those who want to leave home and work or study in a cafeteria. Furthermore, they serve some delicious breakfasts that will help you get inspired in what you have to do.

The space is also very original, all with vintage furniture, bicycles hanging on the wall, large and comfortable tables to work on… yes, if you are going to go with your computer you must respect the areas.

Shame of Others (Galileo, 56)

Although they don’t open in the morning, if your thing is to work after eating (or while you eat) then this is your place. It is a small bookstore bar where you can spend your time reading, writing or working on your laptop.

To rest the mind, You can always go to the bookstore and enjoy the most current poetry in the countrybecause they include some self-published authors in their list of authors and never turn their backs on small publishers.

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