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6 fashion brands that dress mothers and daughters

When a new member arrives in the family One of the concerns of mothers is deciding how to dress him. The most passionate about fashion look for stores that offer collections of different styles from which to choose. There are also those who look for proposals that allow them to go together with their children.

The children’s fashion offer is very wide. There are more and more signatures of fast fashion which include collections dedicated to children and babies in their catalogues. However, there are some that focus on this type of clothing and specifically on offering matching outfits for mothers and daughters.

Some fashion brands for mothers and daughters


Fátima Ojeda, the founder of the firm, started Nícoli as a fashion project for children and babies in 1994. Since then, the brand has expanded to have 18 stores between Spain and Portugal. During these years, the design has expanded to cover all ages.

Now, Nícoli has collections for all ages, from the little ones to adults. In addition, many of the garments repeat patterns and fabrics, which makes the brand a safe bet if you are looking to find similar garments for yourself and your daughters.

“The secret has always been to bet on being a multigenerational company where current mothers were once Nícoli babies and girls and where all ages fit in the same store,” they explain.


This Sevillian children’s fashion brand was born with the aim of deconstructing the traditional concept associated with clothing designed for babies and children, establishing a new vision of it.

Cotoli seeks to “lose the sweetness of children’s clothing” and is designed for parents who are passionate about fashion and who love to wear matching clothes with their children. To meet this objective, the firm designs clothes for the whole family within the same style.

Pretty Ballerinas

This firm, with more than 100 years of experience, has a wide range of footwear that is currently very trendy. They are traditionally called Mary Janes or Manoletinas. Pretty Ballerinas is based on design and craftsmanship to make quality shoes.

The brand has collections for mothers and daughters, including sizes from 24 to 42 in its catalog. In addition, although their offer focuses on ballet flats, they also have other types of footwear such as espadrilles, sneakersboots, ankle boots and mid-heels among other.


The brand was born in Bologna by the Italian designer Paolo Rosetto with the focus on creating dresses vintage personalized, giving them a new life. Through a combination of modern and sophisticated garments, in which the eye is focused on the detail, Parosh has made a name for itself in the fashion industry.

The brand has a wide range of contemporary and inspirational garments. vintage with a touch of timeless tailoring. His catalog includes collections for all ages, so with Parosh you can dress yourself and your children.

Molly Bracken

Lili Sidonio, designer of Molly Bracken, has presented this season a collection that mixes aesthetics vintage with retro and disco. A proposal full of garments inspired by the 80s and 90s and the avant-garde Anglo-Saxon style that mothers and daughters wear.

Mini Molly It is the firm’s children’s fashion collection. It is a bohemian wardrobe and preppywhich constitutes a series of colorful proposals, casuals and modern for girls from 8 to 16 years old.


As we said, the signatures of fast fashion They often release collections for children and babies, H&M is one of them. The brand has proposals for sports fashion, everyday clothing and even outfits for parties and events. This way, you can go with your daughter on any occasion.

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