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6 reference applications to control menstruation

The current pace of life of many women, irregular periods, hormonal changes, stress… There are many factors that sometimes mean that keeping detailed control of menstruation can become a complicated task.

In addition to allowing the option to add your menstruation dates, it also allows specify the intensity of the flow in the menstrual cycle calendar, activate contraceptive reminders, record your mood and premenstrual symptoms, track your pregnancy or take control of your health with the help of the app.

Another interesting aspect of this mobile application is the possibility it offers to learn about your body, cycle, fertility, menstrual flow, moods…


With Clue your menstrual cycle will no longer be a mystery, since you can also use it as menstrual calendar and ovulation calculator to discover patterns in your menstrual cycle. All this together with the possibility of knowing which are your fertile days with the greatest possibility of getting pregnant or to better synchronize with your body and health.

With this app you can track from more than 30 categories health and begin to understand how your menstrual cycle affects your skin, hair, energy, cravings and moods. It also offers the ability to enter your birth control method and set birth control pill reminders.

WomanLog Menstrual Calendar

WomanLog is a menstruation and fertility calendar for women. Another excellent option to perfectly control your period and menstrual cycle.

Allows monitoring of both regular and irregular cycles, you can obtain a forecast of the menstrual cycle, the period of fertility and ovulation, as well as activate daily reminders about menstruation, ovulation, weight, basal body temperature, contraceptive pill; Share data with your partner or synchronize your data between multiple devices.

A clear and easy-to-use application in which you can also learn more than 100 different symptoms associated with menstruation, as well as discover patterns and better understand the influence of the menstrual cycle on your health and mood. It also has a “pregnancy mode” and you can connect it to Google Fit.

My Menstrual Calendar

Menstrual calendar allows track your period, cycle, ovulation and the possibility of pregnancyas well as monitoring the period in those women seeking to conceive or control the birth.

In addition, you will also be able to keep perfect track of both regular and irregular periods and know the possible factors involved, such as temperature, BMI or mood. It also has a feature that includes reminders for various birth control methods, such as the pill, ring, or patch.

My Menstruation Diary

My Menstruation Diary

If what you are looking for is a very simple and easy-to-use application, My Menstruation Diary is an excellent option. With this application you can track your periodsdetermine the date of ovulation and fertility period.

A basic and easy-to-use app, which you will not find overloaded with complicated features, but which has all the essential elements to keep perfect track of your cycle.


The difference that stands out the most about this app compared to others is the possibility it offers to connect your menstrual cycle data with your partner privately. Cycles has a menstrual calendar with which you can also track your mood during the cycle and where you can also detect irregularities.

It also has additional security systems with which you can ensure your privacy through an optional code or facial identification. Reminders and records are confidential even for the couple.

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