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8 gift ideas for newborns with which you will surely succeed

Baby showers have become fashionable all over the world and finding a gift for a newborn without falling into the cliché of a bib, it is complicatedeven more so if you are not a mother and cannot rely on your experience.


There are more and more options that make parents’ lives easier during the first months and help the child develop all his or her abilities. We bring you the definitive list of the best gifts.

baby sling

Koala Babycare baby carrier sling.

Baby carriers are usually heavy and somewhat boring. For mothers more fashionistas, This pink and white tiger print one Koala Babycare (€49.75) is perfect. Soft and cotton, it transforms as the baby grows thanks to its four types of knotting and holds up to 15 kg

Baby bottle sterilizer

Philips Avent sterilizer.

One of the most useful gifts for parents. It is essential to prevent babies from getting sick. This is from Philips Avent (€65.99) and sterilizes six bottles and their accessories in just 10 minutes.

Quilted and waterproof blanket

A useful and beautiful gift. The Bidi Baby blanket is made of cotton, padded on one side and waterproof on the other to protect babies from moisture. The idea came from two women who, as a result of their own experience as mothers, realized that they needed a play blanket like this one.

crib piano

Crib piano from Amazon.

It is installed at the foot of the crib vertically to stimulate the baby with sounds while kicking. It is the perfect toy for the little one develop motor skills and curiosity. This is from Winfun and sold on Amazon for €20.95. You may inspire the next Mozart with his first piano!

Adjustable shower support mesh

Adjustable mesh for the bathtub from Amazon.

Sometimes, bathing a newborn is mission impossible. Therefore, this gift is something that parents may not even have known they needed. This non-slip mesh (€16.24 on Amazon) adjusts to the size of the bathtub so that parents can shower their little one comfortably and without them swallowing water.

baby diary

Melpom baby diary.

There is nothing more exciting than the first times. His first word, the first time he crawls or walks… A baby diary is perfect for writing down the first memories.

East of Melpom (€29.99) is customizable and fabric. In addition, it has sections to fill out such as the family tree or what her first birthday was like with spaces to add photos. Ideal so you don’t forget anything.

Wooden baby gym

Zasari Kinds wooden gym by Sklum.

A traditional gift but one that is always a success. The baby gym is the perfect toy for develop physical and intellectual abilities while playing. East of Sklum (€39.95) is made of wood and couldn’t be more beautiful.

diaper bin

Chicco diaper bin.

Who said that accumulating diapers with style is impossible? A diaper bin is a must. If it is also pretty and decorative, the better. This green model is from Chicco (€48.32) and It can store up to 25 diapers, isolating bad odors.

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