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8 lip liners worth investing in

Lip liner is one of the most forgotten among makeup products. Many people turn to lipsticks forgetting that a good liner can exponentially improve the final result. In the 90s this product experienced great commercial success and it seems that its use is becoming widespread again.

Makeup gurus and beauty experts on social networks are clear: a good lip liner is a must have in any makeup case. It is mainly used to shape the lips or highlight their outer edges, although we are increasingly seeing multifunction options that also act as primers moisturizing.

They come in different colors and formats and have various functions. A lip liner extends the duration of makeup and creates a more attractive effect on the lipsproviding volume and symmetry.

In addition, it is a very versatile product that you can use for other aspects of makeup such as eyeliner or creating artificial freckles. On the other hand, many lip liners are designed with formulas to improve the appearance of the lips.

Some of them contain active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to hydrate, rejuvenate and provide volume. That’s why, It is essential that you have at least one eyeliner in your toiletry bag.. We leave you 8 options in a variety of colors and with different functions from which you can choose depending on the result you want.

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    Lip Heat by Charlotte TIlbury

    This lip liner is perfect for achieving a simple and elegant finish in tone. nude. It is available in 18 colors and costs 23 euros.

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    InkDuo by Shiseido

    This lip liner It has an eyeliner and a first in a single product. With it you can define and enhance the lip contour. Furthermore, the joint use of the eyeliner and the first It allows you to prepare and nourish the lips, providing them with dimension and color. Its price is 28 euros.

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    Clinique Quickliner for lips

    This eyeliner will help you achieve long-lasting color and keep your lips perfect. You can apply it to define them or to hydrate them before lipstick. In addition, thanks to its structure you will not need a pencil sharpener. Its price is 21.50 euros.

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    Gucci Crayon Contour des Lèvres

    This liner naturally enhances the fullness of the lips. Thanks to its soft formula, the lip contour pencil glides over the mouth easily to achieve a maximum precision finish.

    Is the perfect tool for filling and shaping lips and you will find it available in a range of pink and red colors for 30 euros.

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    Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil

    It is available in 13 colors and costs 27 euros. This long-lasting lip liner will allow you to give your lips a sculpted and shiny look.

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    Lancôme Lip Liner

    This creamy and soft pencil is waterproof and has a built-in brush to define and structure the lips in the best way. In addition, its formula allows it to glide easily and prevents the lipstick from losing definition and moving from the lips. You will find it for 28 euros.

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    MAC Lip Pencil

    This pencil is designed to be sharpened and achieve maximum precision in its application. The liner glides over the skin, distributing amounts of color to better define the lip. It is soft and creamy and available in a wide variety of colors. You will find it for 27 euros.

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    Kind Words by Rare Beauty

    This lip liner is ultra creamy and waterproof. Plus, it glides over lips like a balm to define them. With this product you will be able to infuse your lips with definition, color and a matte finish. You will find it for 17 euros.