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90s makeup is back and we teach you how to get it step by step

The 90s began with the launch of Nevermind (1991), by Nirvana. An album that would make musical history and represent a movement, the grungewhich, despite its marked outsider character, ended up dictating trends in the fashion world.

For those born in the 70s, it is the prodigious decade and, now, it returns, at least in terms of make-up. All you have to do is see the collection he has launched MAC X Stranger Things, a perfect symbiosis between cosmetics and the most viewed series of 2022.

Regarding makeup, in the nineties there were two very marked stages. During the first half, with the grunge as inspiration, he opted for a style natural; while, in the second half, they were gaining space the shine and sophistication.

Concealers and highlighters continue to be in fashion, so much so that, for example, the launch of Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm, by KVD Beauty, became a hit on TikTok, where users launched it to success. In addition to correcting imperfections and being vegan, he makes you feel like you’re not wearing it.

5) Sunless tanning

Another essential in the 90s, if you like look beach, they are tanning powder, a super healthy way to have a good face without spending hours in the sun. You can achieve it with the new ones Terracotta Light by Guerlain; a suggestion, apply them with effect bonne mine –or healthy skin–, drawing a W on your face: draw a downward curve from the temple to below the cheekbone, then go up to the eyebrow and repeat on the other side of your face. The idea is to make a W. Don’t forget to blend the remains with the appropriate brush.

6) Lips, outlined and matte

If you think about lips from the 90s, the first thing that comes to mind is the profilerthat something was used darker than lipstick. In its 2022 version, the difference in tone between the two should not be highlighted so much, but rather leave them well outlined.

Powder Kiss Velvet Blur and Le Stylo Lèvres High Precision Long Lasting Lip Liner

You will get it with the pencil Le Stylo Lèvres, from Guerlain, a long-lasting, high-precision lip liner, with a soft tip to avoid damaging the sensitive skin of the lips, improves the adhesion of lipstick with a matte finish. To fill it in, the new ones are perfect. Powder Kiss Velvet Blur, from MAC, with a wide range of beautiful earth and nude tones, and a matte finish, which leaves the mouth soft as velvet.

7) Ombre lips, the ‘glossy’ option

If you prefer a brighter option for your lips, you can try the technique ombrewhich became one of the most used in the 90s. The ombré queen was the top Naomi Campbell.

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, KissKiss Bee Glow and Camaleon Gloss Metallic Gloss Nacar.

The technique consists of shade the lips so that they simulate a 3D effect. The trick is to apply makeup in various shades to finish with a layer of gloss. The result is a very juicy mouth with a lot of volume, like a Kardashian sister.

You can achieve it with Everlasting Liquid Lipstickfrom KVD Beauty, a matte liquid lipstick with long-lasting pigments, which you can finish with a touch glossy. And if what you’re looking for is to combine extraordinary shine with deep hydration, try the new Guerlain product: KissKiss Bee Glow, a tinted mouth balm infused with honey and 98% naturally derived ingredients; Without a doubt, the most delicious lipstick on the market. If you prefer long-lasting, lip gloss Chameleon Metallic Gloss Nacre, which provides a juicy finish that lasts up to ten hours and, thanks to its iridescent particles, will give even more volume to your mouth.

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