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A cardiologist’s warning: if you have this groove in your ear, be careful

A post on Twitter has put thousands of people on alert. Its author is the Mexican cardiologist Carlos Dattoli, who has shared a finding to know the possibility of suffering from heart problems. The specialist has published a thread on the social network in which he explains that “a groove in the earlobe” can be a sign of heart ailments.

Dattoli explains that pulmonologist Sanders T. Frank associated this diagonal groove in the earlobe with coronary artery disease and named it ‘Frank’s sign’, which consists of a diagonal slit that begins at the lower edge of the canal external auricular and is directed at an angulation of 45 degrees towards the edge of the lobe of the pinna. This doctor’s research was published in 1973 in The New England Journal of Medicine.

The cardiologist explains that The pathophysiological cause of this sign is unclear., but adds that there is a theory why there is microvasculature disease in the earlobe. “Other reports have shown telomere shortening, favoring premature aging,” he adds. “A genetic basis has also been found in relation to the HLA-B27 system, the C3-F gene for atherosclerosis and chromosome 11,” she continues.

The doctor states that also This groove has been linked to peripheral arterial diseases and cerebrovascular diseases.. In this sense, remember that a meta-analysis carried out in 2015 in hospitalized patients reinforced the association between Frank’s sign and cardiovascular problems with a sensitivity of 43% and specificity of 70%.

Dattoli clarifies that when someone has this sign in the ear it should be classified according to length, depth and inclination and assures that the more marked it is, the more relationship it will have with cardiovascular problems. Thus, if it is only in one ear and is incomplete, it will be less serious than if it is in both ears and is complete.

The cardiologist also points out familiar faces who have this groove in their ear, George W. Bush or Steven Spielberg among them.

“In conclusion: If you know someone with this sign, it doesn’t hurt to send them to your trusted cardiologist for evaluation,” concludes the doctor.

Cardiotweet: In the same guard, three patients with chest pain come for evaluation in the emergency room đŸ„. The three patients were admitted for myocardial infarction and all have this groove in the earlobe. You know what it means? I open thread.

Carlos Dattoli (@CarlosDattoli) September 21, 2020