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Alba Sánchez, journalist from ‘La Sexta’, teaches us 6 exercises to be in shape this summer

The collaborator of the Aruseros program of La Sexta, Alba Sánchez Sánchez and his coach, Marc Rodríguez, from David Lloyd Club Turó Barcelonathey offer us in exclusive for magiciansIN a ‘masterclass’ with the objective of stay in shape this summer.

Teacher and student show us how to perform 6 basic strength exercises.

From magasIN we ask the trainer for some advice so as not to gain extra kilos at this time of year, despite the beers, dinners and meals away from home and total rest on the sun lounger.

“During the days we are on vacation we can perfectly maintain cardiovascular training outside of the gym, Although it is true that it will cost us a little more to maintain the strength work, since we will not have enough weight, but we can still adapt the exercises and perform them without any weight,” says Marc Rodríguez.

Whether in the mountains or on the beach we can continue or start exercising. “It is possible to stay active during this time, although it is more about excess than anything else. But we can, for example, take advantage of the good weather on the beach to walk and run along the shore, practice sports such as paddle beach or volleyball, even train in adapted areas.”

And he adds: “In the mountains, we can opt for activities such as hiking, bike rides, running or any other that comes to mind,” he concludes.

In summer, ¿andIs it better to do sports in the morning instead of the rest of the day?

There are different benefits when it comes to training at one time or another, but both are totally valid. For example, by training in the morning we obtain greater energy to face the day, greater perseverance and a feeling of happiness.

If we train in the afternoon we can clear our minds and release the stress of the day.

In summer it is advisable to train in the hours of less heat, that indeed, is in the morning, since by the afternoon, the high temperature which has been maintained for all day, makes let’s have a greater sensation of heat and trains worse.

What should we avoid in summer?

Should be avoid the hottest hours, train with little hydration, also with a full stomach, in full digestion and at times when our body is not used to doing physical activity.

And as for food?

YesWe know that summer is a time of excess, both in food and in drink. Therefore, what is advisable is limit to the maximum istthe excesses both of alcohol like foods like ice cream, For example.

It is advisable to eat a lot of fruit, since in addition to freshness, will provide us with large amounts of water and few calories. A good food would be legume or pasta salads, since they are very nutritionally complete.

ANDIt’s very important to stay hydrated all day, since with the high temperatures and sweating, we will lose a greater amount of water, which it is necessary recover.

The television Alba Sánchez Sánchez, also tells us his secret to staying in shape during the summer. “My exercise routine doesn’t change much in the summer. I approach my training like a long-distance race. I decide what my goals are and I work on them throughout the year in a similar way. Although, obviously, summer is the best time to show them off and maybe I tighten my abs and glutes a little more, which is what I like to work on the most,” says the journalist.

With your work on television, you won’t have time for the gym…

Going to the gym for me is a pleasure most of the time because it is a time to disconnect from work and problems. Any physical improvement is a success to celebrate. Obviously, there are also days when I feel sleepy, I feel lazy, I’m tired, discouraged… Those days, I don’t push myself very hard, but if I do and in the end I train, I come out even happier for having overcome the challenge.

What do you have to do to motivate yourself and go to the gym?

In my case, I chose this gym because it is close to work and on the way to my house. But I had other options and I liked the space, the trainers, the activities, always innovating and quite varied, and the services.

What type of exercises do you like to do?

I especially enjoy working free weights and machines that involve the glutes. More than anything because it is what I work the most and, therefore, what costs me the least. Doing sit-ups is even pleasurable to me.

Did you get results quickly?

I have a very grateful body when it comes to showing results. When I started training, I could see lines of marked muscles quite early. In a matter of a month or two she was quite happy with what she was beginning to see. But the other way around also happens to me: when I stop training, it doesn’t take long for me to lose muscle mass.

What is your routine at the gym?

When I get to the gym I do a quick warm-up round of about 5 minutes. I train for about an hour on six different exercises with four sets of ten repetitions each, increasing weight each time. I usually focus on one or two muscle groups. When I finish, I stretch for about 5 minutes and, if I have time, I go to the water for half an hour. In winter it’s a jacuzzi and Turkish bath, in summer it’s a pool and sun.

Six basic strength exercises

These are the exercises chosen by Alba and Marc to get in shape this summer.

Back: We will bring our elbows down without going beyond a natural position, avoiding arching.

Pulley arm extension: With our legs slightly apart, we tilt our upper body. Initially, the elbows will be flexed and we apply force to fully extend the arm, without the elbows moving from the spot.

Leg press: We separate the legs and apply force to almost fully extend the legs. We won’t let our knees come together.

Stride: Alternating feet, we will bring one knee towards the ground, while the other leg will be further forward, bending the knee until reaching or approaching 90 degrees.

Dead weight: We separate our feet slightly, we will move our hips back, while we follow our legs with the bar. We don’t have to bend our knees much.

Squat: Separating the feet approximately shoulder width apart, we bend the knees, bringing the gluteus back. Special attention not to flex the lumbar spine or carry the weight too far forward.

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