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All the products and tips to make up a drooping eyelid

As the expression says, The eyes are the mirror of the soul, so we must be very careful when applying makeup. In an attempt to improve our appearance, incorrect use of products or a poorly applied technique can reverse the effect we were wanting.

The ptosis consists of the fact that the upper eyelid is lower than it should or there is excess, baggy skin on the top of the eye. Sometimes it can cause a loss of visual field. These symptoms can make the eye look tired or aged, so Makeup is a key ally when it comes to hiding it..

From MagasIN We offer you some tricks to counteract the natural shape of the eye with makeup, as well as some key products to perfect your technique and get the best result.

The most important thing for this makeup is remove all attention to the eyelid and make the eye lengthen as much as possible to contrast with the round shape that results from the drooping of that area.

The techniques you should avoid

You cannot forget to prepare the skin well when doing this makeup. Therefore, it is very important use a toner along with a moisturizer (ideally with sunscreen) to help keep the skin cooler.

Also, you cannot skip makeup base and concealersince they will play a fundamental role in ensuring that the eyeshadow is applied better and that the eyeliner is much sharper.

On the other hand, you should not tend to lengthen your eyebrows more than they already are naturally. If you did, the eye would appear even rounder than it already is, completely ruining your look. You should also not get used to extending them downwards, since you would leave little space between the eye and eyebrow, which is something we want to avoid at all costs.

Finally, do not apply highlighter all over the eyebrow. Try outlining the bottom part with a white shadow and a very fine brush and just apply highlighter at the end of the eyebrow (from where it begins to curve).

Products and tips you can’t miss

As we have said before, our purpose to hide the drooping eyelid is to stretch the eye. To do this, we must have essential products such as the earth-colored shadows, the mascara and the eyeliner.

Earth colors are ideal to apply to the eyes, since they achieve a look natural with hardly any effort. These shadows are very practical to make a kind of countouring in the area, hiding the defects and enhancing the virtues.

The ‘Green Me Eyeshadow Palette’ by Kiko Milano It’s great for getting that stretch in the shape of the eye. For this, it would be fantastic apply a light shadowlike the rose, along the eyelid and surround the contour with a darker shade, which we will wear until the end of the eye.

‘Green Me Eyeshadow Palette’

Kiko Milano

To distract attention from the eyelid, the best thing is to get good eyelashes. They will help us get a effect lifting in the eye, at the same time that they will function as barriers so that the drooping eyelid is not so noticeable.

The product to achieve the best result? Mascara. A very good option is Nyx Worth the Hype Mascara, which in addition to giving volume to the eyelashes, also works to lengthen them. For best results, it would be ideal to use it with an eyelash curler.

Worth The Hype Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara


False eyelashes are an alternative to mascara, if we do not want to curl and apply makeup to our eyelashes every day, and taking into account that with age the hair on the eyelashes is increasingly scarce.

Our last recommendation to get the look that helps your drooping eyelids is the use of eyeliner. But, be careful! We must keep in mind that the line must be very fine and pointedprecisely to remove that weight from the eyelid and give a feeling of stretching.

An eyeliner that can perfectly fulfill this function is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Eyeliner. In addition to being waterproofis stain proofwhich will ensure that your makeup is intact all day.

‘Better Than Sex Eyeliner’ by Too Faced


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