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Allurion Balon, weight loss program

The Elipse Ball is designed so that you can enjoy weight loss without going hungry, but adopting new patterns and routines of eating behavior and lifestyle.

The Allurion weight loss program is a novel and very effective program for the treatment of patients with Overweight or Obesity Grade 1.

It is accompanied by the placement of a Gastric balloon ingestible which has the following advantages:

  • It is easy to apply (15 minutes)
  • No endoscopy required to place it
  • You do not need sedation or anesthesia to place it
  • It is outpatient
  • It does not need an endoscopy to be removed (it is eliminated naturally)

The Allurion weight loss program is a comprehensive 6-month treatment divided into 3 phases. It is designed to help you modify your lifestyle with the goal of acquiring healthier habits and losing weight.

The Elipse Ball is designed so that you can enjoy weight loss without going hungry, but adopting new patterns and routines of eating behavior and lifestyle.

Successful tips

  • Don’t do it alone, let our team help you. To modify habits and behaviors you have to work as a team. Allow support and share your achievements with family and friends. Although our closest and dearest environment sometimes unintentionally hinders our nutrition goals and lifestyle habits, it is also capable of providing us with its most unconditional support.
  • Be clear about your objectives. Define with us very well the goal to achieve and find those things that help you maintain motivation. Maybe it will help you put on your favorite clothes again, relieve knee pain, or reduce the amount of medication you take to treat an illness.
  • Short and long term objectives. For example, a short-term goal may be to change the snack for a piece of fruit, while the long-term goal is to lose 12 kg over the next 4 months. This way, when you achieve a goal, you can set new ones, making constant progress.
  • Change your habits. It is crucial that during treatment with the Allurion Ellipse Ball Program, habits are truly modified. This is achieved by systematically repeating actions over time. This way they are automated and then assimilated as something normal, making it easier to maintain forever.

Remember, the simpler the action, the easier it will become a habit. Some examples are always having an apple instead of cereal, or always ordering a double salad as a side and eating less of the rest.

  • Eat healthy. You may need to change some daily habits and other aspects of your environment, such as the way you cook or your exercise routine.

To eat healthier, you don’t need radical changes, nor do you need to transform all your habits at once. Set modest goals to change habits little by little. Small changes make a big difference to your health.

  • Plan. To stay on track it is very important to plan. Schedule yourself for each day or each week. Plan meals, elevens, half nines, quantities and times. This way you can prepare some dishes in advance and it will be easier for you.
  • Monitor your progress. Frequently monitor the foods you eat, your exercise level, weight and body fat. This will allow you to appreciate what you manage to change over time and, in case of difficulties, identify them to control and overcome them with our team.
  • Lend attention to your emotions. Identify what drives you to eat other than hunger. It could be boredom, sadness or stress. This will help you mentalize yourself and manage these emotions more healthily.
  • Reward yourself and celebrate it. We all need prizes and rewards. Many reward themselves with food and drink, which often slows down weight loss. Make a list of non-food prizes so you can reward yourself with each victory. It can be with something as simple as a magazine or something more special like a getaway.
  • Do not complicate yourself. The simpler the plan, the greater the chance of success. Nothing is immovable. Simplify what works best for you