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Amalia from Holland and Eleonore from Belgium, royal guests of the Armani fashion show in Venice

They did not go through photocallnor were they seen in public sitting on the front row, but they were undoubtedly the most relevant surprise guests at the Armani show held within the framework of the Venice Festival. So much Amalia from Hollandas Eleanor of Belgium They are two great fashion enthusiasts, each in their own style, and they did not miss the opportunity to enjoy the new Haute Couture creations of the Italian brand.

It was a massive event attended by many well-known faces like Olivia Palermo and her husbandRegé-Jean Page, the actor of The Brigerton, the model Bárbara Palvin and the Spaniards Eugenia Silva and Miguel Ángel Silvestre, among others. On the catwalk, colors like blue and green, patterns with volume and richness of fabrics, a new creative extravagance from this master of sewing who, in addition, was awarded the Golden Lion “for its relationship with fashion and its great commitment to beauty.”

Despite it being something private and not marked by the institutional agenda, the reporters present in the city of canals were able to photograph the arrival of the young princesses in the typical boats, and they were not alone. He king Philip of Belgium and his son, Prince EmmanuelThey accompanied them tonight fashion. Both elegantly dressed in tuxedos. The queen matildawho was in Germany attending the wedding of Duchess Amélie of Württemberg.

In the images that have emerged, the style chosen by the princesses cannot be clearly seen, although it is observed that They chose very similar colors. Amalia, with a dress with a pronounced V-neckline and her hair down, could have chosen a model from her leading brand, which is also her mother’s, Natan Couture. For her part, Eleonore, who at 15 years old is already beginning to emerge as a new it royal of the European monarchy, wore a coral dress with a crew neck.

It is not a surprise to see members of the Royal Houses of the Netherlands and Belgium together, as they maintain a close friendship. On the other hand, this trip by the daughter of King William and King Maxima shows that the security measures around her, after the threats received from the mafia at the beginning of the year, have relaxed a little. . The young woman was seen in Venice with the Belgian princes and another group of friends relaxing for a walk and having an ice cream. She tried to go unnoticed with a beige cap and black jacket. As for Prince Emmanuel, 17, he sported a relaxed style with a blue linen shirt. It was the last trip of the young people before starting their respective studies.

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