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Amaranth and its surprising benefits for women

The amaranth grain is considered a superfood. Like quinoa, it is a pseudocereal, with which it shares similar properties. lThe plant grows very quickly and tolerates drought very well. so it is a crop with many opportunities in Peru and in the high regions of Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina.

But above all it is a mouthful full of contributions. The UN has considered it the best plant-based food for humans, especially due to the amount of protein it contains. In fact, It was part of the basis of the diet of the pre-Hispanic cultures of America and it was used in religious rituals that were offered to the gods, mixed with honey.

What is amaranth

The panicle of the amaranth, with numerous small flowers, is where the seeds that are used to make are housed. cereals and flours. Although you can also consume the stem, its leaves and even the flower in infusions.

Its nutritional card makes it a highly recommended food for women of all ages, but especially for pregnant women.

Among the great nutritional properties of amaranth are proteins, which exceed those of most cereals, minerals and natural vitamins such as A, B, C, B1, B2, B3; a lot of folic acid (basic during pregnancy) and niacin, calcium, iron and phosphorus. In addition to amino acids such as lysine.

Benefits for women

Amaranth contains almost twice as much calcium as milkso it would be a food that would provide a lot of contribution both in the first moments of development and in those women who have problems with osteoporosis or they are in menopause, where decalcification processes occur more frequently.

Furthermore, it is a very powerful source of iron that allows the female body to recover long before the losses caused by menstruation, especially in those cases in which they are very abundant, since it is a way to counteract anemia.

An extra supply of iron is also needed during pregnancy and lactationso it can be a natural supplement at times when you cannot take anything chemical.

Good for stress

But it could also be said that amaranth is the food of joy since it generates tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is not produced naturally by the human body and that It is key to the production of serotoninthe hormone of happiness.

In this way, taking amaranth can help women with a very stressful lifestyle, who suffer from anxiety, and girls who suffer major mood swings due to hormonal imbalances in the days of ovulation or premenstrual days.

The cosmetics industry has already discovered its benefits for strengthen hair and its specific contributions for good skin health thanks to the amount of vitamin E it contains.

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