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ANARA by Ana Lérida: the fashionable hair salon among the famous

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The phenomenon of social networks has reached the world of aesthetics to promote the brands of some professionals such as Ana Lerida. The hairdresser, owner of her own salon, ANARAhas made a place for itself in this world, thus achieving great renown for working with the influencers Spanish women with the most followers in the country and personalities such as Nieves Alvarez. Exceptional work and the most innovative hairdressing techniques make this salon a mandatory stop for all those who want to take care of their hair.

As she herself tells us in an interview, the idea of ​​being a hairdresser comes to her from a young age: “from a very young age I already loved cutting my friends’ hair and doing makeup.” However, it was not until a few years ago when she managed to fulfill her dream of having her own hair salon, ANARA. “I did my two-year degree and specialized with courses in color in Paris, I have been working for 24 years”.

Although as she clarifies, “my salons are aimed at all types of social spheres, each person is free to choose the salon where they are well cared for on a personal and professional level”, ANARA has become the reference place for great personalities for his work taken care of in detail. “ANARA exclusively has treatments and products that you can only find in our salons. My team is made in my image and likeness: serious, close and perfectionist professionals. At this moment I have a team of 22 employees“.

Fame without good work behind it is not possible to achieve. Everything he has achieved is thanks to dedication and a demonstration of expertise confirmed in his salon located in Barcelona. “The most requested services in our salons are color and Keratin therapies where we are famous for always being up to date,” Ana Lérida tells us.

Coloring is trend

Last Thursday, March 10, Ana Lérida was present at the clandestine event prepared by L’Oréal Professionnel to present the new INOA ammonia-free coloration. “YONOT “It is a color with oil and without ammonia that does not alter and respects the scalp, covering gray hair 100%,” the hairdresser explains to us. In this space, she was styling the model’s hair. Nieves Alvarezwho was delighted to try this new product.

For this reason, the stylist is delighted with this new formula from L’Oréal’s star brand. As she tells us, this new technique is very important for hair care and its condition after coloring: “My coloring products have to be as natural as possible. Ammonia does not enter my formulas“.

Ana Lérida and Nieves Álvarez.

If you ask him what the current trends are in hairdressing and beauty, he is clear: the new INOA ammonia-free color palette from L’Oréal, organic Keratin therapies and products without sulfates, gluten and parabens. “For summer, the trends will be Frenchbalayage vanila, hazelnut and caramel. My favorite timeless trends are color changes in all their versions,” he declares.

For all these treatments, Ana Lérida highlights the vital importance of hair care at home. She recommends using the products post color with hydration. And for everyday life, she recommends products from “the prestigious New York firm of which I am an ambassador, ORIBE, sulfate-free, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and paraben-free.”

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