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Are Spanish women the most sexually liberated Europeans? This new study analyzes it

With sexual liberation as a mantra, more and more men and women claim to maintain relationships carefreely, regardless of social prejudices. A trend that grew, in part, thanks to digitalization and specifically, the success of dating apps and massive access to information. The answers, despite requiring a prior filter, can be found quickly in a matter of seconds.

But what is the real and majority behavior in sexual matters? Is it comparable at the European level? This is precisely what the study shows carried out by the IFOP (Institut d’études opinion et marketing en France) for Wyyldewhich shows, in general terms, that the majority of European women consulted have had casual sex without prolonging the game of seduction.

The survey was carried out with a representative sample of the female population aged 18 to 69 in the following countries: Italy (1,000 women), Spain (1,021 women), France (1,004 women), Germany (1,001 women) and the United Kingdom (1,000 women). Where are the Spanish ones placed? Find out.

First night sex

The study draws a clear profile: it highlights that the women who have already had sexual relations on the first night are, for the most part, less than 30 years old, are second or third cycle students, live in favored suburbs, are lesbian or bisexual, had more of 10 sexual partners throughout their lives, practice masturbation at least once a week, consider themselves “quite attractive” and have consulted dating apps and websites in the last three months.

Almost one in two European women has already had short-lived sexual adventures, especially those active on the web and dating apps.

And the Spanish ones?

Spanish women were the majority, among European women, in stating that they had already had sexual relations, not in a first encounter with the person, but on the first occasion (party with friends, etc…) or love encounter.

In the 18 to 24 age group, the percentage is strengthened: 46% of Spanish women He claimed that he had had sex on their first meeting, placing itself in second position, after the British women of the same age. It represents an increase of 5 points compared to the 2015 study.

Spanish women are, along with British women, the majority to have had sexual relations without a subsequent relationship. In the 18 to 24 age group, 50% of the Spanish women consulted confirmed this.

Another, more worrying, fact concerns “risky” sexual practices with strangers. Almost one in six young European women had at least one. The Spanish and the British once again lead the rankingbeing the majority in stating that they had had sexual relations with a person whose name they did not know. A majority also acknowledged having woken up next to a person they did not know.

Another cause for concern: Spanish women were also in the majority in admitting that they had had sexual relations after consuming drugs and, along with British women, also in having had sexual relations at parties that involved hard drugs, sex and alcohol.

Spanish and British women also acknowledge having had “sexual friends”, just ahead of German women. The French women were, however, in the majority when it came to acknowledging that they had had sexual relations with a person who already had a partner. The Spanish are placed behind.

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