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«At Magna Dental we have invented the Super Smile»

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 | Updated 08/12/2020 10:19 a.m.


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At Magna Dental they have been committed to the dental health of their patients for more than seven years.

Specialists in implantology, Allon4®, invisible orthodontics, dental prostheses and general dentistry, their clinics in Carlos Haya and Camino Suárez are a benchmark for the quality of their services, for which they use the most innovative technology and the latest advances in the sector.

That is why, to continue offering the best care to its patients, Magna Dental has developed SSmiling, a new comprehensive system to improve the smile.

What is SSmiling?

SSmilling is a method created by Magna Dental, composed of several treatments designed for our patients to make an important change in the aesthetics of their smile.

It is a digital process, based on the ‘double S’, what we call SUPER SMILE: the virtual simulation, and the real simulation, and through which the patient will be able to see and choose their smile, before starting the treatment.

How does it develop?

At the first appointment, photographs are taken and a scan of the patients’ mouth is done. Based on their needs and tastes, a virtual design of the smile is made, so that the patient sees how the treatment will look before starting.

Different specialties can be involved in this design, such as invisible orthodontics, veneers, teeth whitening, etc.

After this design, a mockup is made, that is, like a mask with which the patient will physically see the result. And from that moment, and only if you agree, the treatment begins.

And the next steps?

As it is such a personalized treatment, the next steps will depend on each person.

You may need whitening + invisible orthodontics, or veneers, or you may need to reposition or lengthen your incisors… It’s totally individualized. Always taking into account the patient’s tastes, but also the advice we give them as professionals, according to the shape of the face, and its characteristics, etc.

The patient comes to us dissatisfied or wanting to improve their smile, and when the treatment is finished they do so with a super smile.

Why have you decided to implement this new treatment?

Magna Dental is already a reference in Malaga in the rehabilitation of function, occlusion and improvement of patients’ oral health. But to continue advancing in this field we have realized that we had to incorporate new aesthetic possibilities, because they are part of the psychological health and well-being of the users, and that is what they demanded.

They wanted to improve the smile, but with control of the results, knowing how it would look. That’s why we developed SSmiling. Basically to respond to the demands of our patients.

Is it your own system?

Yes. It is a method, a set of treatments that derive from our experience over recent years, and that reflects our philosophy and how we understand our profession: one hundred percent patient-oriented, and far from the way of proceeding. of large chains or franchises.

We work with the health of our patients. And we take it very seriously, it’s more than just work. It’s our way of life.

And this philosophy is appreciated by our patients. When a person, after having been treated with us, returns to their children, or to their parents so that they can also be treated, is there a greater sign of trust towards us? That is what gives us the most satisfaction.

What benefits does the SSmiling method have?

The fundamental benefits are three: 1. We shorten the duration of the complete treatment; 2. The patient is certain of how her smile will look before starting it; and 3. It also has a significant improvement in economic conditions.

What feedback have you received from patients who have had it done?

The reception has been fantastic. Patients are very satisfied and results are fast. What they value most is that, speed and that they participate in the design of their smile. Furthermore, when wearing the simulation they not only see it, but they feel it, they touch it. You can also take it with you for a few days, consult it with family and friends, see yourself in different situations, etc. Thanks to this, they are much more sure of what they are going to do and their satisfaction with the result is greater.

Is it indicated for all types of patients?

Like any medical treatment, it has its indications and contraindications, but there are very few cases in which it is not recommended. The vast majority of patients can have it done.

And why choose Magna Dental for this?

Well, first of all because we have developed it, of course. And because it is not only a change in smile, it is an improvement in the patient’s aesthetics focused on also improving their quality of life.

And that is a guarantee. All of this with honesty and with the commitment of Magna Dental, which is our hallmark and what our patients value most.

What protection protocols against COVID-19 are being carried out?

Following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, as well as our professional experience in the health sector, we have designed a special protocol to protect the health of our patients and our team against COVID-19.

Upon entering the clinic, the temperature of each person, patients and staff, is measured. In addition, the clinic and protective materials are prepared daily before beginning to receive and care for patients who must come by appointment.

For its part, the clinic team is equipped with protective material and disinfection measures for the space and equipment are applied between patients.

All this to guarantee the protection and well-being of our patients.

More information

Magna Dental

Avenida Carlos Haya, 44. 29010 Málaga

952 009 966

672 321 508

Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Camino Suárez, 2. 29010 Málaga

952 001 101

673 373 330

Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.



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