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Attachment and Emotional Dependency: are they different?

Emotional Dependency is characterized by being a type of extreme Attachment that borders on being unhealthy towards a partner or family member. It can be detected when a person has lost their personality and disguises their dependence on unconditional love.

Attachment and Emotional Dependency

Attachment It is an emotional and positive bond that is formed over time, is very important since the development of a loving or emotional relationship, a relationship between parents and children and with close people in a social circle depends on it. Sometimes Attachment can become negative and a relationship of Emotional dependencethat greatly harms one or more people.

It is important for good emotional development and interpersonal relationships to detect when positive Attachment has become a harmful Emotional Dependency. Be aware of the signs that indicate this type of harmful relationships It will help you know when you should seek the help of a Specialist..

Definition and types of Attachment

As already said, Attachment is a necessary type of relationship of a social nature, when an individual seeks protection, security and well-being with a person or circle of people. The most common form of attachment is that of a baby with his mother. This first relationship of the child with her central figures, who are her parents, helps to continue with the following relationships with his siblings and other family members.

By developing a correct form of attachment in the family nucleus, the individual is prepared to form other, more diverse and extensive forms of attachment with other people at school, work or social circle.

The types of attachment are:

Secure Attachment: This is characterized by having complete trust in another person and in a family group.

Insecure Attachment: It is the opposite of the above, since distrust is manifested towards any figure and emotional contact is avoided.

What is emotional dependency?

Emotional Dependency is characterized by being a type of Extreme attachment that borders on unhealthy towards a partner or family member. It can be detected when a person has lost his personality and disguises his dependence on unconditional love. Emotional Dependency often occurs more in romantic couples; There is a high rate of people who go to a Psychologist for help to end a toxic relationship or find a solution to a breakup or abandonment.

The Couple therapy It is also requested when a relationship has entered into an endless cycle and perhaps one of the members wants to overcome or break up the relationship since they consider that is slowing him down in his development.

Differences between Attachment and Dependency

Attachment will always be healthy when a person be perfectly capable of being independentshe should not be tied all the time to parents or siblings, or to her partner, in the case of a romantic relationship. You should know that support and love will always be there when you look for it without having to have contact all the time..

A person subject to an Emotional Attachment or Dependency She is constantly mistreated, looked down upon, and may even suffer physical and sexual violence from her partner. The person who suffers from this abuse does not feel able to get out of this cycle and accepts the abuse because it makes him or her feel “safe”, “loved” and “cared for”. Once they have fallen into a situation like this, the affected person believes they have found protection and affection.

How to detect a person who suffers from Emotional Dependency?

The main signs are the following:

  • Low self-esteem and self-hatred
  • Difficulty in decision making
  • Insecurities
  • Loneliness makes them feel very uncomfortable
  • They do not have the ability to get out of a toxic relationship.
  • Fear of rejection
  • Inferior position in relationships

It is not difficult to detect problems in a relationshipGenerally, a couple who has these problems constantly involves family and friends in personal problems.

How can you combat dependency?

Psychologists use various approaches to help people who are in a dependency relationship, such as, for example, reinforce self-esteem or social skills.

Individually it is vitally important know and accept our personality traits and make ourselves aware that this emotional situation is not healthy in the long term. Seeking help from family or friends does not represent weakness, on the contrary, it means returning to take refuge in people with whom you have a healthy attachment.