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‘Baby boomer’ nails: the manicure trend that will triumph in 2023

The world of manicures is as broad as it is changing. While some classics like the French manicure survive the test of time, other trends are, by definition, temporary. This 2023 will not fail the rule: some nail designs and colors will make a difference. This is the case of the so-called nails baby boomer.

Similar to the ombre (unites two colors on the same nail, with a blurred effect), the nails baby boomer They look like a faded French, giving a very natural appearance: “They will undoubtedly be one of this winter’s trends in manicures, although they have been for a long time. They look beautiful on long nails stiletto or oval.

The difference with the traditional French one is precisely in that blur that does not allow us to see the cut that separates the white from the pink.. We can do it with acrylic or with conventional enamels, and the finish can be glossy or matte depending on each person’s taste, although at this time, our bet is clear: very brilli-brilli” explains Monique Aguilar, official manicurist. from ORLY for Spain, Andorra and Portugal.

Other trends to take into account

Another manicure to highlight for 2023 is the so-called russianwhich strips the nail of its cuticle so that its growth appears slower and the effect lasts longer, glazing very close to the skin: “First of all, it is advisable to go to a specialized center and not try it at home since it requires professional hands. To do it, we would first have to dehydrate the nail and use a good cuticle oil, a base, a top coat and of course, the chosen polish” clarifies the expert.

He too wavy nail art will have a place among preferences this winter and beyond, with both vertical and horizontal lines wherever and however you want, mixing colors, thickness and playing with all possible tones and styles, as well as the inverted French manicure that we have seen all year. Pinterest also predicts an explosion of “French micro nails” (+235%) and “Short nails” stiletto” (+80%), as appears in its latest predictions report. “D.From micromanicures to restrained bob cuts, this year’s beauty looks They will stand out for their discretion. The millennials and generation Z will move on from nails coffin to short French manis” clarifies the platform.

As for colors, chocolate, burgundy (similar to the color of wines from the Burgundy region), emerald, which will cause a sensation, and also mocha stand out: “Along with these, others like brown, lilac, fuchsia and of course red will also have a place among the most requested, as well as mustard, which has been a trend this fall, and nude,” adds Jennifer Silverio, also an official ORLY manicurist.

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