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‘Baby braids’ are back: the little braids that are sweeping 20 years after their first appearance

Some classic hairstyles never fail: high ponytails, low updos or water waves are not only suitable for big events, they also find their natural place in everyday life. Among them, the braid also stands out. One of its most popular versions in recent years was the baby braid

Directly rescued from the 2000s era (worn by the legendary Britney and Christina Aguilera), “they frame the face very well and are a nice option to do a quick and easy hairstyle at home. Very versatile, they look great on all types of hair short or long, straight, wavy or curly, loose or up.

They can also be decorated with beads or colored threads and thus we have a different and original look in less than five minutes. The baby braids They are made from the birth area, in the center of the foreheadso that they fall over the face, gathering the hair in a ponytail and removing the two front strands.

We can do two traditional braids or two braids twist or loose rope, dividing each of the strands into two, we twist them on themselves separately with the help of a fixing gel, and then twist them together until the end of the hair.

Finally, we can add some colored elastic or beads, let down the hair or leave it up to create different looks with the same technique,” explains Menta Beauty Place stylist, María Somoza.

These mythical braids conquered celebrities like Margot Robbie, who wore them at the Cannes Festival in 2019, but also Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber and María Fernández-Rubíes.

Other successful braids in 2023

At baby braidsother successful hairstyles will be added this year As the braid-tail. As the Llongueras experts explain, “it consists of a low ponytail in the never area with an internal cranial braid that overlaps the ponytail, acting as a ponytail holder.

A minimalist, geometric and polished look where avant-garde and elegance are brilliantly combined for a result worthy of any style. The low ponytail gives a boho and romantic aspect to the look that blends with the hip hop and the trap through an African braid that changes the hairstyle completely.

They also highlight the semi-updo with braids: “It can be done both with the parting in the middle or on the side, to do this, two braids are made that come from the sideburns towards the side of the ear, close to the skull and feeding them with the rest of the hair always towards the back. Once are ready, they are joined in the center and a very glamorous hairstyle is created.

Alberto Sanguino, Llongueras’s stylist, stands out on a personal level: “for me it is one of the most beautiful updos there is because it allows you to The crown of your head is bulging and you can make waves underneath the braid.“.

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