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Balayage highlights and babylights: everything about the color that will remain in fashion this summer

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We have seen them for a long time in parades, campaigns, on the streets, at the Oscars, on many red carpets and yes, they will continue to be in fashion. balayage highlights and babylights. It does not seem that coloring with this type of protocols can have an expiration date because its results are applauded and also highly requested in salons.

And even if this is the case, the truth is that many women still do not know what the difference is, what each one offers or even if one or the other is better for a specific hair. Hence the importance of having colorimetry services and personalized diagnoses to find the one that best blends with the face.

What are balayage highlights?

It could be said in a very colloquial way that his work sweep the color, illuminating the hair in a diffused way and prevents complete discoloration of the hair. This blending job ensures that you do not notice where the strand begins so that the gradient occurs very subtly throughout the hair.

Its French origin could be somewhat mischievous since, we can say that with this type of highlights we mislead about their origin without it being very easy to detect if the hair is like that naturally or bears the signature of a good stylist. Furthermore, with this technique we manage to give volume, depth and illuminate the hair to, therefore, enhance our features.

The usual thing is that with this technique a gradation is produced from darker tones in the upper part of the hair to lighter tones in the lower part, but never on the top part of the head. Its maintenance? Very easy since we avoid the “root effect” and it does not require constant touch-ups.

And the babylights?

It is a coloration that in the form of highlights that are distributed throughout the hair from the roots to the ends to provide luminosity through small reflections of light. This work begins at the roots of the hair where fine strands of hair are taken to which the color will be applied.

With the babylights does not bleach hair, depending on the type of hair (and if it has any type of dye), so the result is much more natural and discreet. Another advantage is that, when the hair begins to grow, the well-known “root effect” is barely noticeable.

Provides a lot of light to the hair, imitating the effects of the sun’s rays. The result is a mane of contrasts and different tones, which ends up creating an optical effect of different volumes.

In both cases it is crucial that a hair diagnosis in a personalized way and by an expert stylist, not only in this type of color, but also to determine which maintenance products are appropriate for each person. I never tire of repeating that hair should be cared for like we do with skin.

Both types of highlights, in addition, this summer will compete with many shades, cuts and hairstyles since it is the season with the greatest number of possibilities to play with hair.

“When a woman cuts her hair it is because she is looking for a change in her life,” said Coco Chanel. Without a doubt, we could not agree more in our salon since we all seek to establish discourses through clothing and hair. Therefore, this season we do have the opportunity to speak through our hair, but also express which trend we like the most.

*Paz Torralba is director of The Beauty Concept.

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