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Beatriz Corredor, president of Redeia: “Female intuition is not a myth, it is a reality”

“When I was 25 years old, I was a registrar in a town in Extremadura, where they asked me about my husband, the registrar,” she tells magasIN. Beatriz Corredor (Madrid, 1968), the now president of Redeia – former Red Eléctrica de España – passed through the Body of Property Registrars.

The former Minister of Housing during the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero assures that “there they called the notary’s wife a notary.” Therefore, it was difficult for her to make them understand that her title was not the inheritance of any marriage. And she, she remembers, achieving “respect and authority through professional performance” has been a “constant motivation” throughout her life.

The public service vocation Corredor is a key element that has inspired his career. This Top 100 claims to have “an innate and irreversible capacity” to make life difficult for itself. He also says that he is not a conformist, quite the opposite.

Corredor combines her work activity with her other passion, being a mother to her three daughters. She defines herself as a feisty and tireless feminist. Therefore, she opts for a “female leadership with a transversal, horizontal and flexible implementation, based on cooperation rather than competition and always based on empathy”.

The work tool that prevails in their projects is hierarchy, understood not as a chain of command, but as a way to efficiently distribute responsibilities. Corredor says that the best test to know if a team is working well is that people laugh at work meetings and that there is a feeling of belonging and freedom.

The star thought that always has in mind is…

I try to leave things better than how I found them when I arrived. It is my definition of sustainability.

Name three women who are references for you. Why are they?

My grandmother Inés, with whom I lived while I was preparing for the exams. She was a person with dignity, values, humility and generosity. She taught me to keep my feet on the ground, even if her head flies high in the clouds.

María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, for her tireless fight in favor of women, her contribution to strengthening the State and her dedication to public service. And Cristina Garmendia, an absolute leader creating innovative teams and projects.

Recommend us a movie, a book and a song.

A movie: Breakfast with diamonds, by Blake Edwards. A book: One hundred years of loneliness, by Gabriel García Márquez. and a song: Mediterranean by Joan Manuel Serrat.

A characteristic present in most women.

The ability to express affection and capture the mood of the interlocutor. Female intuition is not a myth; It is a very useful skill in personal life, but also in professional life, which we must value and enhance.

Conciliation is…

Make personal and professional life compatible and, therefore, a right of all people, regardless of their family situation; But for women, especially if they are mothers, this right is impossible without co-responsibility. And there is still a lot of progress to be made in this.

Any advice for a job interview?

Prepare it well (profile, culture, purpose, organizational chart of the company and its management team, competitors, evolution, challenges…). Be clear about your professional objective, including salary, and then be genuine. Naturalness is essential.

The three things you look at first when you meet someone and why.

I always pay attention to the way they look into the eyes, the spontaneity when smiling, the way they shake hands. All of this reveals a lot about people’s temperament. I tend to avoid those that radiate arrogance, condescension and self-indulgence.

With what small things do you identify the disconnection?

A space in solitude listening to music, the beach in winter with a book or a walk through the mountains in good company.

A foreign defect that you can’t stand?

The disloyalty.

Sleep is…

Medicinal. And an increasingly scarce luxury.

A mania that defines her.

The order in the space in which I find myself. It gives me peace of mind and serenity of spirit.

A color that would never sneak into your closet is…

The yellow.

Any questions that you think can help you learn a lot about others?

A talk about utopia.

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