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Bebe confronts feminists: “They are brainless people who want to return ‘alone and drunk'”

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The singer Bebe has made trouble again. For a few years now, she has warned that she does not agree with modern feminism, going so far as to insult the movement and assure that it is “violent” and that she “hates men.”

It is unusual coming from an artist who wrote and performed lyrics as important for equality as Bad, where he rebelled against his sexist aggressor: “Once again, no, please, I’m tired and I can’t take my heart, once again, no, my love, please. Don’t shout, the children are sleeping. I’m going to become like fire, I’m going to burn your fist of steel and from the bruise of my cheeks the courage will come out to claim my wounds.“, sang. “Bad, bad, bad you are, you don’t hurt who you love, no. “Fool, fool, fool you are, don’t think of yourself as better than women.”

He added very painful verses like “every time you call me ‘whore’ your brain gets smaller” or “you’re weak and you’re bad, don’t think you’re better than me or anyone else.”. Not to mention the luminous Shewhich had a beautiful video clip surrounded by women of all ages and conditions and encouraged the girls to get out of the hole: “She has put color on her eyelashes, today she likes her smile, she doesn’t feel like a stranger, today she wearing heels to make her steps sound… today she knows that her life will never again be a failure.”

And he continues: “Today you are going to discover that the world is only for you, that no one can hurt you, no one can hurt you. Today you are going to conquer the sky without looking at how high it is from the ground. Today you are going to make people laugh because your eyes have gotten tired of being crying, of being crying, today you are going to be able to laugh even at yourself and see… that you have achieved it. Today you are going to be the woman you want to be, today you are going to love yourself like no one has ever known how to love you. Today you’re going to look ahead, it already hurt you enough back then. A brave woman, a smiling woman, look how it happens, ha.”

However, even with these fierce declarations of intent, Bebe still does not agree with how feminism is disseminated and practiced today. She has just made it public again on her Instagram account, following 8-M: “Happy day to all the women who For many years we made the way so that a lot of brainless people would find everything done and they could go out and shout that they want to return home ‘alone and drunk’,” he writes.

“Happy day to the women who knew that we could be equal without hatred, who studied and worked side by side with colleagues and who returned home with friends, who pamper our men because we want to and because they pamper us, and happy day to the women who knew how to hear a ‘beautiful’ with a smile and a blush. And finally, happy day to all the women who do not need a demonstration to know that we are equal.”

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