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Bego Pérez, the Spanish Marie Kondo: “This is the first commandment to keep the house tidy”

Begoña Pérez, or Bego, as she likes to be called, has recently become an authoritative voice for organization and cleaning in Spain. With almost 700,000 followers on the social network Instagram, it is not surprising that many call her the Spanish ‘Marie Kondo’.

Mother of seven children, The Ordatrix —her name on social media—shares tricks on social media and responds to stain queries to her followers. Now, the influencer publishes a book where he compiles everything he has learned in recent years: Cleanliness, order and happiness: Little tricks to solve big disasters (Planet, 2022)

Why did you decide to start helping people improve their lives with ordination?

When my father died, I had a crisis. After a year or so, I realized that everything was disorganized. Then a Marie Kondo book fell into my hands and I said: ‘this is very good, this is what I want.’ I told myself that if this is taught, then I am going to teach it to myself. Plus, people told me that I was very smart and organized for having seven children: I wasn’t late for appointments, I wasn’t a disaster.

So, I started helping people because if they ask me, there is a need and I start telling about it on Instagram. I opened the account in March 2019 and in March 2020 they locked us in the house. I had 500 or 1,000 followers, they were rather few. I started to put the day-to-day solutions and look, crazy, I already have almost 700,000 followers.

One of the products you mention is hairspray, which you say has a thousand and one uses. Could you give me a surprising example?

The most surprising use for me is for car scrapes. I have to make one caveat: as long as that rub hasn’t reached the third layer of paint, it looks pretty decent. It is not in my mind to take work away from the workshops, but hey, if I have had a mistake and my spine has moved, then you can get out of the way and delay the visit to the workshop a little.

Bego, The Orderly

Carlos Ruiz

Courtesy of Planet

As a mother of seven children, how do you combat stains most effectively?

The first thing is to be fast. The other day I was just on Instagram and a follower sent me a message: ‘SOS Bego SOS’. She got me in and she told me that she had just dropped a can of mussels on the couch. Imagine, a sofa that costs a fortune. It’s just that you think: ‘how do you remove the paprika and oil at the same time and on a beige sofa?’. And I tell him ‘run, cover the sofa with talcum powder’.

He sends me a photo and I see that he is sucking a lot, I see him orange. And I tell him: ‘cover it in such a way that you only see talcum powder, and in two days, brush it and tell me.’ Two days later he sends me a message and tells me that he has become completely new, as if nothing had happened. That was a tremendous joy. And look, it couldn’t be cheaper. You don’t have to go around removing the cover from the sofa. Speed ​​is often key.

Your success has come in a very short time, do they stop you on the street? How do your children handle fame?

Yes, the truth is that they stop me. It’s very fun and the truth is that I like it a lot. It’s very nice, because it’s grateful people who stop me. One day they told me: ‘look, you have saved the life of this girl full of paint.’ And that was very fun. My children were embarrassed at first, but now I think they are proud of their mother.

You have already written your first book, do you have any future projects or ideas in mind?

I am now with so much work and with the presentations of this beautiful book that for now I am going to live in the present and in the future, God will tell.

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