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Birth Control Pills: How to Choose the Right Ones?

Before choosing a Contraceptive Method and especially if you are thinking about Contraceptive Pills, it is important to go to the Gynecologist and have as much information as possible for a good choice.

What are Birth Control Pills?

Birth control pills are medications that They were created to maintain a stable concentration of hormones throughout the Menstrual Cycle. Your goal is prevent ovulation.

This type of treatment must be prescribed by a Gynecologistthereby avoiding their malfunction.

How do Birth Control Pills work?

The treatment of Contraceptive pills start from the first day of menstrual bleeding and act by maintaining stable concentrations of hormones.

During a normal Menstrual Cycle of a woman, that is, During the ovarian reproductive cycle there is an increase in hormones such as estrogens, luteinizing hormones (LH) and progestogens, which are in charge of reproduction.

This means that, with the use of daily and constant doses of these hormones Ovulation is not obtained.

However, in this process, the uterus does prepare and at the end of 28 days, Menstruation occurs. Thus, the patients Although they are menstruating month by month, they are not at risk of pregnancy.

How to choose the best pills for the body

To choose them It’s very important go to the Gynecologist well This is not a decision that anyone can make..

The first thing to do with the patient before choosing the tablets Adequate is a good medical history: see what background he haswhat diseases have you suffered, what diseases have some members of your family suffered, if you have any risk of Thromboembolism, If you are at risk of Breast Cancer, what are your Menstrual Cycles like, what is your body like?Inter alia.