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‘Black tie’ event: this is how you should dress according to protocol

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When we receive the invitation to attend an event that has a certain notoriety, usually include the dress code with which we must attend.

Before panicking about the event, we must know that the dress code collects a set of social norms that establish what is the correct way to dress in a certain situation or to attend a particular event.

This is especially important because it is important to follow the rules, It is not about innovating to be cool or to be different, formality and etiquette, despite the years, still have a certain protocol that must be followed.

Any type of dress code It will always depend on the different factors surrounding the event: the place, the time of day, the reason and even the weather. And this will not only influence the forms but also the colors that we carry

He black tie as a suggestion dress code, deserves a certain formality, but is not considered a gala etiquette. It is applied in semi-formal events such as a wedding, dinner, business presentation, etc.

male ‘black-tie’

Gentlemen are invited, if the event is at night (from 7:00 p.m.) to come dressed in tuxedo. It may be that, on some British invitation, you will find the acronym DJ, which is the acronym for Dinner Jacketalthough it may give rise to anecdotal confusion with the musical setting.

Their use is increasingly widespread and the stores where they can be rented have seen their business decrease because, in addition to the fact that it is increasingly useful to have one for a greater number of people, las signatures low cost They have begun to include them in their collections. It is no longer a sign of belonging to an elite to have a tuxedo (or tuxedoits name in English, which is sometimes used as an anglicism).

The name of ‘tuxedo‘ It was imposed because it was the suit that 19th century gentlemen used to wear at dinners where the after-dinner meals were exclusively for men and smoking was allowed.

Edward VII, in his youth, was the first to wear it (as a curiosity, his grandson Edward VIII was the first to wear the jacket in midnight blue and double-breasted). The signature Henry Poole&Co He cut the first one for him and thus, the prince found a perfect garment to wear to less formal parties. Edward VII was known for his cneat way of dressing and very soon, the most prominent men would have matching jackets made. The influencers They existed centuries before Instagram.

The use of the tuxedo is increasingly common at night parties such as awards ceremonies, cocktail parties, galas and other social events of certain relevance, but without reaching the importance of other ceremonies where it is required white tiewhich is the strictest of the codes.

The main garment is a jacket that has traditionally been black. Not in vain, in the past, this jacket was reserved for women. elites and the color black is what defined power in clothing (cassocks, togas, evening suits…). Over time, the use of other tones begins to become popular, such as midnight blue or something that is more out of the norm. In summer or hot climates, white or cream are accepted.

The tuxedo jacket It has no tail and closes with a single button. Have a pocket in case you choose to wear a scarf. The lapels can be with pointed (more formal) or round ending, but in a strict sense, they must be satina fabric that will also be used for the bow tie, sash and braid on the pants.

The pants must be black, midnight blue, cream or white, depending on the jacket, and the length must be above the heel of the shoe. In addition, they will be prepared to wear suspenders. If you buy one and want to wear it like this, ask them to put buttons for suspenders. Six buttons are sewn on the inside of the waist, in pairs: two on both sides of the closure and one on the back seam.

The shirt must be white and with double cuffs. It is common for it to have drawstrings on the front, to differentiate itself from standard shirts. Although someone is sometimes seen wearing a tuxedo with a tie, This garment is worn with a bow tie exclusively, Although, the protocol has been made more flexible for its material and color.

The shoes that traditional protocol dictates are the opera pumps. But also, the patent leather or leather shoes with laces They are considered of maximum etiquette when a stitching crosses them horizontally at the height of the beginning of the fingers, that is, when they have a Prussian seam.

This clothing can only be replaced by the national costume which is the one who holds the same rank. The invitation must indicate this. But it is more logical in areas like Austria or Scotland.

Couple trying on suits.


female ‘black-tie’

Women they will dress long, choosing the shapes, but The protocol indicates a long dress up to the ankles, either cocktail or finger pieces., as long as it maintains harmony and elegance. As it is a more sober style, the colors should preferably be black or dark, smooth tones. Red tones can be introduced, Although as always, the color that gives off the most elegance and that you will surely get right is black.

If the party is during the day, they can be used up to two different shades in light colors or with very subtle prints. The fabric of the dress may be more fitted to enhance the figure of the person who is going to wear it.

Even though this dress code always relates directly to men, he black tie feminine is more versatile. Skirts, pants and shirts are also other options available to women. As for these garments, care must be taken that the pants are ankle-length and the colors, as in the dresses, must be dark tones.

They can put all the jewelry you want and it is the setting where the display of the most expensive family jewelry is most common, without being too exaggerated. But if you opt for a very striking or voluminous necklace, the earrings should be smaller in size, and vice versa. The same proportion must be kept with respect to the bracelets.

It will be accompanied by a purse clutch or wallet type, being able to show off jewel bags on this occasion. The shoes will have high, thin heels that match the tone of the chosen garments, the use of platforms is not recommended.

Makeup will depend on the time of the event. In the morning, more sober and lighter tones can be used and at night, dark and marked tones will be used again. The updo hairstyle will still be the best option in this case.

There are two issues of strict protocol that have been relaxed in recent times. The first is that traditionally the use of a watch was not frowned upon (except jewelery watches) and the second is that, before, even if they were not seen, the protocol established the use of crystal stockings

Today, for example, the use of stockings has been largely suppressed and, in fact, New Yorkers always talk about an unwritten rule: the most distinguished and sophisticated woman is usually the one who goes to restaurants without stockings in winter. It is evidence that she can put aesthetics before the weather, because the driver waits for her when she leaves.

The only way to acquire perfect elegance is to have a perfect education”. Oscar Wilde.

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