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‘Body count’: what does the sexist term that has gone viral mean?

Although today’s society is slowly beginning to move away from gender roles and messages in favor of equality are increasingly present, the reality is that sadly there are still behaviors expected by society depending on whether you are a woman or a man that seem to resist to dissapear.

We are talking about certain behaviors, thoughts, attitudes or even expressions that continue to reflect those outdated gender roles. This is the case of the expression that we are going to talk to you about today: body count.

Whether you’ve heard it before or this is the first time you’re aware of its existence, body count It is an expression that in recent years has been gaining prominence, as have others such as ghosting, pocketing or kittenfishing and which, above all, have become popular among the youngest when choosing a partner. Still don’t know what it is about or what its meaning is? We tell you.

What does it mean body count and what is it used for?

This term comes from the world of war and in the past referred to enemies killed in combatbut in recent decades it has acquired a sexual connotation due to gender roles.

The term body count has become popular in recent years and among the youngest, especially through platforms such as Tik Tok or Instagram to refer to the “number of sexual partners” a person has had. Normally this term is usually used for both men and women, but despite this, it is a concept that in recent years has been associated much more with the female gender.

We are therefore talking about an outdated and, above all, sexist term, which is currently often used on social networks to inhibit the sexual freedom of women, especially after an acquaintance tiktoker has made it viral by stating through her channel how “important” it is for a woman to have a low blood count. body count to find a partner and get married: “Society has taught women that it is very cool to have sexual partners, but men, one of the things we look at the most is body countthat is, the number of sexual partners a girl has had.

No matter how much you want to deceive us, these things are known. You have the right to sleep with whoever you want, but we have 100% the right to choose who we date and marry. I guarantee you that if a girl has body count high is ruled out for both options,” this TikToker to whom we have decided not to give more views declared several months ago to his followers.

The importance of healthy love without gender roles

An outdated and retrograde idea that once again becomes evident how much there is still to do to continue leaving those gender roles behind. And the reality of all this is that it does not matter if you are a man or woman and decide to have a date every day or if you have only had one partner or none at all.

The only reality is that you are the true director of the movie of your life and no one should judge how you decide to live it. It is time to normalize that the idea of ​​romantic love has changed and evolved in recent years and that what is truly important is not how many sexual partners have been had, but that these relationships can be lived in a healthy way and away from negative feelings.

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