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Bonbon Reich and Nuria Casas premiere ‘Pijama Party’, the most natural and fun podcast

In the middle of Gran VíaNuria Casas and Raquel Martínez (better known on social networks as Bonbon Reich), welcome us in a hotel room to celebrate an intimate and true pajama party to introduce us to his new podcast.

With great enthusiasm, they show us the first chapter of ‘Pajamas Party’ which turns out to be quite an experience. The naturalness they have in everything they do and their ability to communicate and connect with the listener makes you play the episode and feel like you are listening to two of your own friends chat.

The season has 10 episodes and in each of them they will address one of the clichés and sayings that surround us on a daily basis. Everything takes place in a bed, in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

They open the adventure with “Eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel.” A topic on which they have completely different opinions. They clash in some ways and meet in others, creating a fun and friendly debate to listen to.

They apply this cliché to their own experiences in their relationships, in friendships, with their children and even with the hate. And this is precisely the addictive essence of the product they have created. A completely sincere and personal vision but with which, at the same time, it is impossible not to identify at some point.

For Raquel, for example, applying this cliché is a “cowardly” position. She defends that she prefers to see reality and decide what to do with it. “Better screwed, knowing the truth, than screwed and deceived“he concludes.

Nuria, for her part, believes that on certain occasions it is better to be ignorant. To do this she uses the example of hate: “The other day I found out that there was a forum where they criticize influencers and I read that they said that: I exploit my son on social networks and treat him badly (…) and I thought ‘I prefer not to see him’, because I It made me very upset.”

In petit committee They confess to us that, although they are used to sharing their lives on social media, it is very different from opening up on a podcast. Raquel, for example, explains that in her videos she controls what she wants to say and that here, when chatting with a friend, she does not know how the conversation will develop.

Nuria, whose profile is more humorous and is not so used to sharing such personal aspects, reveals that as the chapters go by she opens up more and she feels more comfortable in front of the microphone.

Who are Raquel and Nuria?

If you have social networks, it is difficult not to know these two profiles or not to have come across one of their videos in your “for you” TikTok. Raquel and Nuria are two all-terrain women who have managed to build a loyal community of followers on all their platforms.

Raquel’s personality (@bonbonreich) has fallen in love with 4.8 million people on TikTok and 731 thousand on Instagram. She is one of the pioneers of virtual diaries (video where she shows her daily life in a fun and fresh way) which she titles ‘The Raki Diary’.

Real like life itself, without secrets and without filters. She tells us what it’s like to be a mother, how she cries when she leaves her daughter at daycare for the first time or what those days are like when her baby decides to wake up at 6 in the morning. She dances, she does trendsanswers questions, shows her travels… Nothing can resist this content creator.

Nuria (@nuriacasasc) is an actress and knows perfectly how to make her followers cry with laughter. Her videos in which she parodies the different types of mothers there are are a success and her ability to turn any type of everyday situation into humor has people hooked. 526 thousand followers on Instagram and 1.4 million on TikTok.

Motherhood is another topic that she addresses very naturally and in a very fun way. With one little one at home and another on the way, she speaks with great wit about maternity clothes, what it’s really like to go to the park with your child, or the cravings of a pregnant woman.

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