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‘Box bob’: what is the most sought-after cut for medium length hair in 2023?

The different lengths and shapes of medium hair are grouped together in the same term: Bob. Declined in different versions, such as longhas established itself as a reference hairstyle for its versatility and timeless character.

This 2023 does not fail the rule: several experts highlight the success of the choppy bob, adopted for example by Zendaya. Worked with light layers that give it body and texture, “it is a style that suits all types of women, because it highlights the features of the face, while stylizing the neck area.

The trick is to play with the volumes to adapt the hairstyle to each case. Thus, the upper volume allows round faces to be elongated, while if we add density to the sides we will be able to harmonize faces that are narrower” explains Mónica Duque, director of Salón Seensay in Santander.

The same way, he wavyor wavy bob, also returns with force. Is UA very chic and elegant style, easy to handle and that softens the features. As it explains Conchi Arias, founder of Campos Curlyhair: “We work this cut with a slight elevation to make the curl shrink a little more, something that is difficult to achieve in hair that is too compact. The layers add a playful touch to this look. trend that is also very easy to wear.”

But although a version prevails this year, is that of box bob. What does it consist of? How to show it off?

What is the box bob?

It is about of a straight cut and, as its name indicates, square, which is cut at the height of the jaw. Why is it a great bet? According to several experts, it rejuvenates the face immediately, by enhancing the features and clearing the neck.

It is versatile, It can be easily styled and adapts to all faces.. It can be worn on both straight and curly hair and even allows for bangs. If you have a long face, don’t hesitate to go for a thick and voluminous one. It is especially recommended for fine hair as it provides volume.

This cut is reminiscent of the also known tucked bob. Nicknamed by British hairstylist James Earnshaw, this ultra-short, above-the-jawline hairstyle falls between the crop and French.

3 products to maintain it

The champú dry or frizzy hair Maminat (€19.95) will act by eliminating dryness and brittleness in the hair. Its main ingredients are chamomile and geraniums, which not only eliminate frizz, they will also make your hair look more hydrated and luminous after just a few washes.

It is also perfect for curly hair, as it helps to define the curls more. In addition, it has received the award for “Best Scalp Product” at the Organics Clean Awards.

He SuprImperial Conditionerof Nuggela & Sulé (€18.90) will help your hair regain shine and softness. Thanks to its innovative application technology, it can be extended from the roots to the ends, to also care for your scalp, maintaining its balance and hydration.

Its formula also stimulates hair growth and strengthens the hair follicle, providing more volume and vitality. It is recommended for all hair types, including oily hair. Especially suitable for fine, fragile or brittle hair.

Invest in a good wooden brush like the Wooden Paddle Brushof Aveda (€31.99 at Sephora). It features extended bristles for easy detangling and reduces tension on hair and scalp during drying and styling.

It is designed with a missing bristle in the bottom center half of the brush.
This hole serves to ventilate and facilitate drainage after washing the brush. Besides, helps prevent any bacterial growth which could occur with water accumulated inside the brush.

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