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Brown fat and its direct relationship with being thinner: we will tell you more

Brown fat is a metabolically active adipose tissue. that burns energy. Various studies have been able to verify that the amounts vary depending on age (higher in childhood), sex (women usually have more than men), genetics and environmental factors.

And although There are still many unknowns surrounding this is clear that there is a direct relationship between having active brown fat and lower body weight. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2009 already showed that people with a higher BMI had less of this adipose tissue in their bodies.

Therefore, for weight loss, a healthy diet and exercise are essential; but the so-called brown or brown fat also comes into play. We will tell you more and detail some of the best ways to activate it.

What is brown fat and what function does it have in the body?

Although erroneously, body fat is usually related to a type of bad fat that is usually located in some parts of the body such as the waist, hips or belly; The reality is that not all the fat in our body is bad..

Specifically, we are referring to brown fat, a type of fat that years ago was believed to only be present in newborns, but today it is known that adults have about 100 g in the clavicular and intervertebral area.

A fat that is known to help regulate body weight and also blood sugar, something especially beneficial for those people who suffer from obesity or type 2 diabetes.

But what really is the function of this brown fat? The main function of this type of fat is thermogenesis. That is, the ability to produce heat and regulate body temperature when the body is exposed to cold.

A function that is carried out through a protein called UCP-1 which is found inside the brown fat cell and uses triglycerides and glucose as fuel to transform them into heat.

How to activate brown fat to help us lose weight?

  • Healthy diet and exercise: Of course, maintaining an adequate weight through a healthy and balanced diet is crucial to increase the amount of brown fat and activate it, as happens with physical exercise and especially with muscle strength exercises that involve large groups. muscular.

    It is precisely through exercise when the nervous system secretes catecholamines, also when the heart begins to beat more intensely to send blood and oxygen to the body and all this added to muscle contraction.

  • Low temperatures also activate brown fat: Cold helps stimulate brown adipose tissue, so tolerable cold exposure will increase energy expenditure and facilitate calorie burning.

    This does not mean that you have to go outside without covering up, especially if you want to avoid a bad cold, in reality it is as easy as not abusing the heating at home during the winter and lowering the thermostat, like taking a short walk in winter. or how to end the shower with a few minutes of cold water, something that will also help improve your blood circulation.

  • Allied foods: There is also a list of foods with thermogenic capacity that can help you activate brown fat and stimulate heat production. On that list we find some such as hot pepper for its active ingredient (capsaicin), tea, coffee, ginger…

    The consumption of pears and apples with skin also helps to activate this fat, thanks to the ursolic acid they contain and which contributes to increasing muscle mass and brown fat, the two tissues in the body that burn the most fat.

  • A good rest is key: Rest is also vital for losing weight. And melatonin is a hormone that intervenes in the sleep cycle and when stimulated also stimulates brown fat. This is one of the main reasons why ensuring quality rest can also help you regain your ideal weight.

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