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Can I register my children in the Civil Registry of a city other than the one in which they were born?

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After the birth of a child, the legal obligation of registration in the Civil Registry. This registration attests to the fact of birth, the date, time and place in which it took place, the identity, sex and, where applicable, the affiliation of the registered person.

It should be taken into account that both the father and the mother are obliged to promote registration. Besides, The deadline to promote this registration is short, begins twenty-four hours after the baby is born and ends ten days later. In this sense, yes You can register your children in a different city to which they were born. Likewise, there is the possibility that the children will be registered in the municipality in which both parents reside, meeting a series of requirements.

In 2015, a reform of the regulations governing the Civil Registry took place by which procedures were significantly simplified for the registration of births. The possibility of registering the newborn in the corresponding Civil Registry was opened, not only for appearance in the Registry itselfbut also from the public and private hospitals who are registered in the system at the General Directorate of Legal Security and Public Faith.

It should be noted that the general rule is that births are registered in the Municipal or Consular Registry of the place where they occur. However, there is a special rule that allows births that occur in Spanish territory, when their registration is requested within the deadline, to be registered in the Municipal Civil Registry corresponding to the domicile of the legally known parent or parents.

Thus, children can be registered in the municipality in which the birth took place or in the municipality in which their parents are registered.

In the birth registration it will appear a single municipality. That is, if it was registered in the place of residence of the parents, there will be no mention of the municipality in which the birth took place.

In the event that you wish to make use of the possibility of registering the baby in the place where the parents reside and this is different from the place of birth, you must provide, in addition to all the documentation required to carry out birth registration – a medical certificate. of birth, the DNI of the parents and if they are married, the family book or marriage certificate–, the registration certificates of both parents and a certificate of hospital where the child was born, that demonstrates that the registration in the Civil Registry of that locality has not been processed.

Furthermore, in these cases both parents must appear together in the Civil Registry of the town in which they reside and in which they intend to register.

*José Luis Quintana Cortés is a lawyer, partner at Rodríguez Castaño Abogados.

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