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Can you find and stimulate your G-spot alone? This is the sex toy to achieve it

There are hundreds of unknowns, myths and taboos related to female sexuality. One of the most controversial structures has been and is the G spot. Some scientists consider that it is a very specific structure; others think that it is simply a very sensitive area; and some gynecologists believe that it is a complex made up of several anatomical structures.

“When stimulating the anterior surface of the vagina, a few centimeters from the entrance, there is an area of ​​greater sensitivity, what has traditionally been called G point. Said point is not a point as such, but rather a area of ​​great sensitivity. When we stimulate it, what we are actually doing is moving the internal part of the clitoris. There are women who can enjoy this type of stimulation more. Each experience is unique and the variety of sensory maps is where the taste lies,” says gynecologist Miriam Al Adib.

To date, most studies confirm that there is G point, but there are still disagreements about this. For example, although the latest published studies affirm that it exists as a pleasure receptor, they also recognize that it is not a defined anatomical organ.

It would then be, they point out from Womanizer, a functional, dynamic and hormone-dependent zone (also known as clitoral-retrovaginal complex CUV), which is very individual in its development and in its ability to obtain pleasure due to various biological and psychological factors; that is to say, It is different for each person.

A new type of orgasm

To stimulate it, global sex toy brand Womanizer has launched Womanizer OG. This is the first G-spot vibrator with Pleasure Air technology, which combines it with vibrations to generate a powerful orgasmic experience.

This technology, developed by the company eight years ago, revolutionized the food industry. sexual well-being by pioneering a completely new category.

According to the company, it was specifically designed to awaken the nerve endings of the clitoris and provide a new type of orgasm, which cannot be achieved with vibration alone.

The toy targets the G-spot using this brand’s patented technology, which creates pulsating waves and gentle suction. This leads people with vulvas to a different type of orgasm.

“The new Womanizer OG is a fantastic tool that allows easy access to an area that, for some women, may not be comfortable to reach with their fingers. By using OG they can stimulate this ‘spot’ and discover new sensations. The length and the curvature of the toy are specially designed to make it easier to locate the G-spot, which can be confusing and easy to find,” says Womanizer’s sexual health and wellness expert, Ana Lombardy.

Tobias Zegenhagen, the brand’s director of engineering and production, explains: “Our main goal was to create an optimized vaginal insertion pleasure toy that would allow users the perfect journey to explore the different female erogenous zones, resulting in an orgasm. long-lasting and satisfying. We focus on research to understand the stimulation that vaginal anatomy requires.”

The development

The Womanizer OG began development in 2018 and took four years of research, prototyping and designs.

Its ergonomics and adjustability were some of the main challenges which the team had to face. But the most challenging technical hurdle was determining just the right degree of intensity and flexibility to generate vaginal pleasure.

The company comments that this can be described as more diffuse, longer lasting and satisfyingresulting in stimulation that spreads throughout the body and offers greater potential for achieving orgasms.

User testing for product development began in April 2019. Several months later, the first eight alpha testers were asked to use a Womanizer Liberty attached to a 3D-printed stick to provide internal stimulation.

There have been more than 250 people who have acted as testers and testers in twelve test cycles, which resulted in more than 11 different interactions of the prototype.

In three years, more than one hundred interviews were carried out, obtaining about 10,000 data which were applied to launch the first G-spot vibrator with Pleasure Air technology, being undoubtedly the most tested product in the Womanizer product range.

“With this launch, we want to promote and reinforce the importance of pleasure in all erogenous zones, highlighting the importance of holistic structures of pleasure. Womanizer wants to provide a means to invite people to pleasure. Womanizer wants to provide a means to invite “We encourage people to explore their individual needs and preferences and we hope to lead the future of the industry to encourage people to find their own unique form of pleasure.”

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