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Carlota Pereda, director of ‘Cerdita’, nominated for the Goya: “Bullying has always fascinated me”

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He builds a conversation structured by laughter that he intersperses between sentences when he talks about his most emotional or fun memories of everything he experienced while filming his first film, nominated for six Goya awards in their 37th editionin the categories of Best New Direction, Best Screenplay and Best Production Direction, among others.

Little pig It is a feature film acclaimed at the San Sebastián and Sundance film festivals, awarded in Sitges and at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, which has taken theaters by storm.

Carlota Peredafrom Madrid, 48 years old, has spent many years working intensively in television, has been a scriptwriter for the fiction series Journalistsdirector at Paco’s men either Red Eagleamong others, and director of series such as The secret of Puente Viejo either Acacias 38. Her tenacity and talent, and the deep need to bring to light her creative freedom and her own voice, drive her to write and direct her first short film in 2016, titled The blondesselected in more than 140 festivals.

Carlota Pereda in the filming of her feature film ‘Cerdita’

Jorge Fuembuena

He later developed the script and shot his multi-award-winning short film, Little pigwith him travels half the world, wins the Goya award for Best Fiction Short Film in 2019 among many other awards, and take the long leapshoots the film Piggy based on the short film of the same name, developing its horror story in the lands of Extremadura: a bloody and brutal tale sprinkled with bursts of comedy, which puts the theme of bullying in the center, starring his fetish actress, Laura Galán.

The filmmaker has recently finished filming her second horror movie The hermitagestarring Belen Rueda, a story of mediums and ghosts that delves into the difficulty of understanding each other between mothers and daughters.

Do you remember any special, mythical moment that occurred during the filming of Little pigthat I keep forever?

There are so many… The moment of filming the final sequence was very emotional, when the actors asked me to please, just before saying “Action!”, to hold their hands. Filming the sequence with Carmen Machi from the washing machine, in rehearsals: I couldn’t say anything, I could only laugh. The day we reached a temperature of 51 degrees and we were also left without part of the lighting team because they had Covid-19 and we filmed with the stunt actors hanging from cables and full of blood effects, with the equipment at a minimum. And other very fun ones, like finishing filming in the middle of nowhere, covered in blood, and then going to have a chocolate and churros. A lot of moments that I will keep for a lifetime.

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