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Cartucheras: how to say goodbye to fat located on the thighs

Although accepting our own body is essential, some complexes can be persistent. Resolving them sometimes only depends on a change of habits and they have An easier solution than it seems.

Localized fat is a common phenomenon, which affects both men and women. Face, legs… may appear more voluminous for genetic but also hormonal reasons. Do you know that fat is not distributed in the body in the same way depending on gender? Estrogens, in the case of women, contribute to the storage of fat in the hips and legs area, on the contrary, in the case of men, it tends to accumulate in the abdomen area.

It is therefore common for women, despite having a marked waist, to have developed thighs and hips. The excess of shapes in this area is more commonly known as cartridge belts.

How to remedy it?

  • Take care of your diet: Although hormonal factors intervene, diet can play a key role in its formation. Bet on vegetables, rich in fiber and vitamins. Also take into account lemon, pineapple and oats.
  • Pay attention to hydration: Drinking water is key when it comes to eliminating waste from our body and draining excess waste from the body. It is essential to fight against fluid retention.
  • Run and/or walk: They are the most effective activities to get rid of the fat located in this area, by mobilizing them. If you find it difficult to go fast, adopt a low intensity but for more than half an hour to optimize results.
  • Apply specific creams or bandages: some products act directly on the area, to reduce fat effectively. Somatoline Cosmetic has launched, for example, Shock Reducing Action Draining Bandages, designed to combat fluid retention, fat localized and cellulite. Its effectiveness is proven with clinical studies that demonstrate a reduction in the circumference of the thighs by up to 1.3 cm, the knees by 1.4 cm and the ankles by 1.2 cm, after just one application.

Other supportive treatments

In addition to a change in your routine, you can opt for other successful treatments that, in any case, should always be carried out with a professional: “Any area with a higher or lower percentage of fat can be treated today with one of the most in vogue today, cryolipolysis, a method that, through cold, outlines your silhouette with results in less than a month.

This cooling is applied to the area to be treated, eliminating the adipose cells that, when crystallized, enter a process known as apoptosis, putting into action the macrophages that eliminate the fat and are eliminated from the body naturally through the lymphatic system. they explain from Mangata.

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